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"Models are"... ?!!!

"Models are not cool. They listen to Lady Gaga, Jay Z, Coldplay and whatever crap their bookers listen to. In the end, they are confused 19 year old teens from small towns"

I found this sentence (well, should be an opinion but sounds such a sentence…) on the web, and it actually happens very often to listen to this kind of things. What can I say?

First, if we want to be ironic, "19 year old teens" is kind of optimistic age consideration…

Then, seriously (well, I actually wasn’t joking that much about the age…), we first of all have to admit models generally aren’t like other girls. I mean, not because they’re cool or because of their height or thinness, I talk about the kind of life they do, experiences they live (and at what age), time they spend away from home in this or that city, etc etc: these things change a person (for good – and bad too) for sure.
But, well, so far - best people I've ever met in my life. And I'm even just talking about "Watching TV, playing Uno or only hanging out at a park with" (not exactly "night life" usual clichés as you can see)… they usually have both maturity and adolescent surprising sensibility. I had my worst disputes and quarrels too with (haha – REALLY!), but after all positive aspects are absolutely more than negative ones.

But wait, I’m not that much dumb to not consider that each girl is soooo different from the others, and would be stupid to say "models are all great" the same way is (sooo much) odious listen to things like "they're all personality-less and confused girls that just want to escape from the hole they live in"… or even worse, worse things…
It's about caring about others' feelings, to not cause suffering, but first of all stop with the "models are" offensive wicked sentences maybe is just about having a mediocre intelligence.