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July 19, 2010


Time was ripe for some (HUUUGE) changes, so… well, you can find “IS THIS IT?” here now:


Hope you’re going to like it. And… nothing more to say I guess, you’ll find everything you need there! :)

June 30, 2010

++? Esmé W. – Personally, the "killer pic" par excellence

About Dutch agencies, I (enthusiastically) talked about SPSMM “three musketeers” (Maaike, Amy and Valerie + Michelle – by preference order…); but we can’t forget Wilma Wakkers, with Bo D., Gwen L. and… and who?!
First time I saw her it was because of an Anouk Morgan shot, and I practically felt in love. I maybe had the chance to say that before, but better repeat: some Anouk Morgan shots are what blood doping is for cyclists – they alter performances.
The good is: that’s absolutely legal.
The bad: well, I love Anouk’s works so much that I have to admite that sometimes they alter even too much “what the model actually is”.

wilma wakker nl

But about Esmé, well, luckily she’s “such a good cyclist” by herself.

wilma wakker nl

I actually can’t understand why she “felt into oblivion”; well, better, she’s never been in any huge spotlight, and I can’t find reasonable reasons.

wilma wakker nl

She’s pure lovely cuteness, a solid beauty, whatever you may ask her to be.

next fr

If I’d tell you she’s one of my fav models overall, well, I’d tell you a lie… but I really love her, soooo much, and I actually can’t stand this standstill. This 1.80 red blonde is a diamond; a diamond in need of manufacturing (development)? No, she’s such a shining diamond, a princess cut one, good for best and most precious gold rings for sure.

Magdalena F. @ Numéro June/July 2010

Have I ever loved this model so much? Mmmm, let me think… well, despite her success, nope.
I don’t like her face, her expressivity, her body presence, her posing… well, practically: I don’t like her.


Is there any chance I changed my mind because of this?


Don’t know why (better, I know, but most could probably not agree…), but just the same: nope. You can agree or not, butt – that’s that.

June 24, 2010

+ Angelika S. & Sanja M. @ by Melanie Rodriguez

If I have to tell the truth, this is more than just about these shots.
Actually, this seemed to me such an easy and fast way to show two “almost unknown models” I really like (and generally: two of my fav at WM), and so I asked myself: why not?

wm blog (first pic, from left to right: Sanja/Angelika)

The quality of the pics even if good is… well, I wouldn’t have noticed these, if it wasn’t for Sanja and Angelika. But even if this space is not about them (by themselves), just a couple of words.

Sanja isn’t exactly a “new face”, young but “not really young”, she isn’t very peculiar if I have to tell the truth, but… I really like her a lot. For the kind of model she is, she’s got a good presence, nice features and she’s really reliable to me.

About Angelika, she’s got a lot of time to come, and good things for sure (well – hope so). For me her potential is really good and if I think of what some good development could do, well, I’d keep an eye on.

wm blog

Even if this shots just have “positive” note, well, I think these two models singularly still have a lot to say – even better and more convincing than this.
So: Sanja is maybe a little bit less surprising and intriguing but more “reliable” for sure; about Angelika… well, nothing sure, but potentially great things are possible; and I’d really like to see something more in next months. We’ll see. Btw: they both worth (even if so much different) attention for sure.

Adriana L. @ V Spain cover – Sorry, but I actually have other ideas about what “sexy” is…

For the record: I’m not gay. No, 'cause I don’t know why, but nowadays it happens very often to listen to something like “Wait, are you gay?!” in two circumstances:

- a girl who knows she is very hot let you understand she’d like to have sex with you and you just say “No, thanks” (or something like that);
- you don’t think a pic like this is really sexy.


About the first point: ehy, I don’t happen to have sex like this; and, most important, I don’t have sex with a girl (even if very hot) just because of a decision of her; I know usually word works like that and medium guy (girls forgive us: guys are basically stupid…) would have sex with EVERY hot and sexy girl if they’d ask him, but – not my case, not at all! I’m not a saint (oh my gosh, absolutely not!), but less than less someone “drooling over girls” that squalid (and passive) way.

Then: about the pic, I generally don’t like girls (and even models, talking about fashion), like… like… well, “Victoria’s secrets angels” just to get what I mean. Well, wait, there are few exceptions, for example even Caroline T. is an “angel”, but completely different from "usual standard" for sure!
But if we talk about pics like this, the thing is even… well, I’m "kind of repulsed" (or at least: “What the?!!! No thanx…”); too much ostentation, too much “winking”, too much… when you want for a girl “to look hot and sexy”, well, most of the times result is “overloaded”. And this is the case. I don’t love Adriana by myself, but this way, well - even less.
PS if you're one of those DUMB MEN IN LUST STARING AT MODELS IN THE SUBWAY (or wherever else) LIKE... PIECES OF MEAT?! (btw: that's not flirting, it's bothersome and damned annoying)- oh well, so sorry: you're going to enjoy this for sure...

June 23, 2010

AOB What the hell “best relevance” is…

Do men have so much space in fashion world? I mean: just for example, did these last days have same media exposure will be given to major fashion weeks in September? Guess not.

So, we have Menswear S/S shows; and what happens?

Frankly: I expected at ABC News they knew what the hell “best relevance” was… I mean, great (well, maybe “great” is not the right consideration… let’s pretend it, I’m too much polemic these days to write about this…), Auguste did some Men shows (and we could talk about this: “this this”, and “this” generally – women at men shows? WHY?), and bla bla bla, but… if the news is “Enrico Coveri Milan MENSWEAR Spring/Summer 2011”, well, no offence intended, maybe I don't give a damn about seeing Auguste?!

C’mon, men already don’t have space they’d deserve; and if for a miracle you give news about men’s show, well, pleeease at least choose the pic a little bit more cleverly… ‘cause if Monday 21st at 11:30 someone went to Piazza Cavour 3 in Milan I guess that (the subject of the pic) wasn’t the first reason because of that someone did it, not at all.

June 19, 2010

++ Lyoka T. – and the “doing what you do good great”

Quite simple: this is one of my fav models if we talk about catwalk.
And generally, this gives me the chance to say she's absolutely an outstanding model; ‘cause the point is: modeling is kind of… well, like playing basketball. I mean, if we talk about Kobe, Lebron, etc, well, maybe that’s another sport… but if we talk about “humans”, what makes of a player a good or even great player?
The point is: for the kind of player you are, what you have to do for good, you have to do great. So if Dwight Howard is a great center it doesn’t mean he can do EVERYTHING, but what he has to do he does it great, well, Lyoka for me is a perfect catwalk model,


and what she has to do good, SHE DOES GREAT. She’s got an outstanding walk, her face looks just perfect (features - look at her cheekbones! / first of all expressivity), her body is kind of perfect (“for the purpose”). Really, she’s just striking, and if you haven’t seen her “live”, at least go and take a look to one of her catwalks videos.
About shots, well, if we ignore this,


that is unbearable and kind of unnerving, well, most are really good and I have to admit that she surprised me absolutely for good.


Her presence is solid, expressive, even delicate sometimes, and you can like her or not, but admitting she’s remarkable is absolutely a must.


I want to underline that if you ask me “about the girl” I don’t like her too much (no, ‘cause I read mails I receive and some a little too much often tend to confuse what we are talking about…), so… well, I guess my enthusiasm is even more appreciable! I really hope to see good things in the upcoming catwalk season – I mean, not about her appearances (from this point of view: no doubts), but about her booking quality. And “even if” 1986 (“even if” is the general thought of the business; and from this point of view, she even began quite late for the standard...), well, from my point of view her peculiarities should give her good chances for a solidly long career still to come. At least - really hope so.

USIP + Gwen L. @ Resort 2011 shows

I received a lot of material about Gwen. And I already wrote (even if a couple of words) about her
“well, at Wilma Wekker I noticed (“early”) Gwen L.”
and, despite that “early”, Gwen isn’t that much old – absolutely not! The point is… I saw some early pics when she really had just began, and I have to admit my huge enthusiasm about her.
Then I saw “contemporary material”, and that enthusiasm became kind of moderate; and even something less…


But I have to thank patience (and stubbornness) of who has opinions and fortunately doesn’t try to convince me I may be (better: I AM!) wrong like “a bloodthirsty knight on a mission”, no, just share his/her point of view; this, plus “Dutch mafia” that can be really convincing – and stubborn!, so last chapter of the story (the Gwen one) has been her last “Resort appearances”.

wwd / style

She did some good “appearances” so it seemed to me limitative to cite just this or that; the point is: she really convinced me.
Better – maybe I haven’t found my “early” enthusiasm about “her early shots”, but now I’m back to a fairly good optimism. So even if I’m still not completely convinced catwalk is her “natural environment”, not at all (and from this point of view, what you’re going to find about Lyoka will be quite emblematic), well, good to see her again and change a little my opinion – and btw thanks for the tip. :)

June 18, 2010

June 15, 2010

+? Ksenia M. – When a lookalike may be more interesting than the original…

If I have to tell the truth (and I guess I have; well, you’re not my girlfriend! or something like that… *_*’ – btw just joking! I absolutely don't have a girlfriend... haha :P), I noticed Ksenia for a stupid kind-of-lookalike. Better, I noticed her ‘cause she reminded me a lot Olga A. (I mentioned her here before too, and you’re going to find something about her for sure).

fdib (Olga A.)

Once I say that, I absolutely have to underline that Olga and Ksenia are sooo much different, ‘cause Olga is the Russian gorgeous and outstanding (really – her presence is breathtaking) beauty, (modeling talking: even kind of “aggressive”) with unlimited charm and indescribable solid presence.


I really love her for her “Russian features”, that even particularly aren’t actually too much marked or kind of extreme (not at all). But what I really find remarkable and absolutely unique is the incredible mix this model embody.

women it

In fact, it’s so hard to find a 70something/60/90 girl with this charm, such an interesting face and, last but not least – face features that are pretty reliable and versatile and not too much extreme.

women it

And before the “the grand final” (more than positive), and especially before I forget, well, here something I would happily do without…


So she’s outrageously graceful, but not with the pretty face of the pure “precious little cutie“, absolutely not.
From this point of view, you know, it’s really hard to know what’s going to happen with this young (17) girl, ‘cause even she could seem “Japanesely perfect”, well, maybe she’s somehow just “too much in between”!
I mean, for me a really good thing; but for someone searching for a little-pure-cuteness girl or a solid beauty, she could be…

women it

well, from my point of view – ABSOLUTELY TOO MUCH! Really, never saw such an interesting girl with these numbers (1.78-75/59/88), and even her body presence by itself is so… not just cute, not too much skinny - or with the mere “skinny expressivity” of the body. And from this point of view, her body, I absolutely expect to see something more and first of all better focused on its outstanding and unique expressivity.

Maaike K. @ Vogue Turkey June 2010

When you’re going to find (and you found) this kind of posts (about a single editorial / photo session / etc – btw “@ posts”), well, these are not generally about the model, but about what you’re going to find by itself.
So, here the thing is quite clearer. I’ve got such a huge enthusiasm for Maaike, but this, well, disappointed me – and not a little actually.

spsmm blogspot

Once we say “Great for her to be in Vogue Turkey”, and bla bla bla in this direction, well, the point is… it’s just like being on a bus. If you get out at the wrong stop, well, the city is still great and amazing (ok, if it really is… hope you’re in Paris…), and the disappoint is just about being in the wrong part of the city.

About Maaike, well, I guess this is the classic – right (and "right" doesn't express "how much right" Maaike is...) girl in the wrong place.
This editorial was perfect for such a “pure cuteness” girl, with delicate features and soft expressivity; for Maaike… well, kind of happy for the “where” (Vogue Turkey editorial), but not that much about the “how”… but as usual, you know, optimistically the good is: a good chance to do a lot of other good things for sure.

June 12, 2010

++ Minke B. – “there are models with explosive attitude”

This girl is one of the most inexplicable (and kind of “baffling” – absolutely for good) examples of how much surprising modeling can be; at least, for me.


Do I like this girl to death? no, not really.
But about the model… you know, there are some people (fortunately: few – well, at least, hope so) that see in fashion and models something like… well, they want to search something they’d like to find in a girl they’d meet elsewhere; I mean, they think “like” is about liking the girl, finding her cute, pretty, and just that. And if we talk about that, well, I have to say that even worse is doing the same thing but about sexual attraction. From this point of view, the note is quite easy: IF YOU’RE A MAN, USE YOUR HEAD – THE RIGHT ONE!

ozonweb / newmodels be

After this little digression, what about Minke? You know, when someone tells me (or even just think) “who cares about models’ life and personality” I’m kind of… “What the hell are you talking about?!!!”
first, if you ignore models’ life and the fact they’re first of all girls (even better: models is WHAT THEY DO, not what they are…), well, you must be such a dickhead (no offence intended - or better, absolutely yes…);
second, if we talk about fashion, personality is not just about the girl, but a lot of times it’s about what even “the model” can communicate and so be able to do.

If we consider the two opposites, what I love the most are introvert, withdrawn and “kind-of-alienated” (I talk about personality and the way they look in front of the camera) girls, or explosive girls, the ones with such a terrific attitude.
So, when I wrote “there are models with explosive attitude” in recent Natasha post, well, Minke IS that kind of model “par excellence”.

newmodels be

She’s funny, she’s a volcano of ideas, she’s pure energy, and the problem is that, even if this is her best for sure, well, sometimes shots are kind of…

tfs / newmodels be

What about a… don’t know, a Dioni T. for these kind of pics, considering she’s got such a huge body presence and clear face features? Dioni is just an example, and first “adjacent” name came to my mind…

newmodels be

So, even if I don’t really love her face and about body proportion I’m not exactly enthusiastic, well, I have to say that if we talk about some photo sessions she’s the first girl to call for.

And even if just in need of a “conventional beauty / cute” you should better call another girl, well, as you can see she’s not that much bad in that role too…