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May 27, 2010

USIP + Kristy K.

What about this 1.80 84/60/87 blonde?


I have to say I noticed Kristy on the catwalk but I honestly didn’t worship her if we talk about… “everything else”; even if, more honestly, I noticed her for this:


Yes; kind of… not exactly amazing the same way she objectively looks on the runway, but there was part of her strong points: her face is very bright, with soft features, high forehead; and amazing hair.

tfs / women it

But it’s on the runway that she shows her best, with a stunning silhouette, thin and really well proportioned; and her walk is solid and graceful at the same time.


And no, I didn’t forget about that: her skin is pure heaven.

Even if I had already decided to write something encouraged by a very enthusiastic mail I received about her (hi Amy! :*), well, lately there was something about her on O2W, a very interesting editorial, that really focuses on her strong points – some shots are absolutely charming.

o2w (by Erica Shires)

Even if (someone could say) she’s not “exactly young for the business” (almost 22), I have no doubts what I wrote about her face and body (soft brightness / delicate thinness) will give her the chance to show big things for a long time still; especially because for characteristics I’m really sure she’s absolutely fated to maintain her strong points in such a convincing way for a long time.

May 26, 2010

+++ Monika J. @ Chanel Cruise – I absolutely had to counterbalance…

I absolutely had to counterbalance – counterbalance what? This:


Does this kind of thing make the happiness of her booker? Sure; is this pure enjoyment for a chartered accountant? No doubts, not at all.
But in this mad mad world, where I guess you know between a pic like that in this kind of adv campaign and a main magazine editorial there is a whoooole ocean of money (‘cause yep, beeing f.e. in a Vogue editorial is such an honour that money may be considered absolutely unnecessary…), I guess at least my considerations should be kind of pecuniary-free. And from this point of view, well, for me that shot is just dreadful. No explanations needed I guess – that’s (maybe) 1% of Monika’s amazing and breathtaking charm and grace.
So, remaining in the recent happenings and still talking about Chanel


yep... back to usual-Monika-pure-delight.

And I really loved ‘cause this is even kind of fresher then she usually looks on the catwalk… I mean, usually she’s stunning, at Chanel she’s been pure grace. A little bit more Monika J. – the 16 yo Polish girl. And, as the Beatles would say: “Well, I ask you very confidentially: ain’t she sweet?”.

May 24, 2010

++ Deimante A. – “Adorable, lovely, graceful”

If Deimante A. were a word, well, I guess… no, I guess she could not be A word. But if in a dictionary they had space to put a couple of pics of her, well, I guess in synonyms you’d find something like:
“Adorable, lovely, graceful”
And I forgot at lest 100 other words; and when there is plenty of words, you know, maybe it means you just can’t explain. And words by themselves are kind of inadequate.

fdib / tfs

Yes, she’s Lithuanian. And… no, not what I’d expect from a Lithuanian model; I mean, even from a model generally. And from a cute girl too; but – yes, this is one of those times when there is a “but”.

(here with Polina B., first from right – have an eye on her too…)

‘cause, if thinking there are tens of new “pretty faces” is soooo true, the point is about the “something more” you won’t probably find in the bunches of “pretty new faces” invading agencies (especially now).


Actually she’s not pure cuteness at all, she’s not a model with marked or very peculiar features, but… she's such a delicate beauty, her “doll lips” and her clean face are such a charming factor; and her adorable (no, not stunning, but adorable for sure) body presence just merely shown and revealed.

And from this point of view, what she did until now is quite disappointing; I mean, not talking about quantity (just remember: a lot of times modeling and getting booked here or there is a question of personal choices… I’ll never question or dispute about), but absolutely about quality.
If you think about a model, considerations like “her career’s going for good” or the opposite are kind of normal and right; but for a model to not have good chances to show her real potential, well, that’s a pity for sure. ‘cause you can like a model, maybe not, maybe WHATEVER, but a girl even if in few tests should have chances to show her best, her surprising potential (if she’s got); and about Deimante, well, for me, this still hasn’t happened - and even if she's not old enough to be definitely worried, well, she is not exactly a "new face" neither right now, not at all.

PS and for the record even in a not-so-much-old Vogue Italia scrapbook she looked good – but not good the way she could look (for me)…

vogue italia
(sorry for scan quality, but this is what I had…)

USIP Inni K.

First of all even if this is a USIP I already noticed her, but… well, kind of not really convinced about writing about her; because maybe I’m not really convinced about the model, and just because I wanted to wait a little bit more. But I received a couple of mails about her, and so… here we are.


You know, if you are a scout this is the kind of girl YOU HAVE TO STOP if you meet her in the middle of a street; about that (the famous “go/no go”), well, we all agree.


About the “something else” you may search in a model, well, I have to say I’d do same kind of considerations I did for an Elizaveta V. (well, even more generally…); what to say about this 1.76 83/59/89 girl from that point of view?

models.com / empire models jp

empire models jp

Don’t know, really don’t know. I wasn’t crazy about her when I saw her first digitals (they were shot something like… mmm… 1 year ago – and yes: 1st half 2009 – sept 1995 = 13), and I actually am even less right now. But she’s going to be 15, so… a loooong time to come for her career.

PS btw she reminds me Valeria S. (you can find her at Women it, Storm uk, etc), it’s not just about skin tone, some shared characteristics… it’s… from the very first moment I saw Inni I thought of Valeria – she absolutely became a breathtaking (well, not in my opinion, not exactly my kind, but this is the general behavior of male gender…) girl, but about her modeling potentialities, well… ok, form your own opinion. But the point is: I just think Inni has same modeling potentialities and perspectives (sure: right now).

May 23, 2010

And came the day… :)

* Mails from fashion fans (and “national mafias”…) – received; and, for the record: I love you and your support. So happy you’re liking this, really… :* (kiss for girls…)

* Mails from agencies sending me materials about their girls – received

* Casting offices and generally “fashion business” mails – received; but these are the less exciting: I mean, not friendly and funny like fans / and not threatening like some agencies mail… haha luckily my cat still hasn’t been kidnapped… :)

* Mails from girls sending me pics asking if I can talk about them – received.


…a little lovely girl I personally know (and I personally a-d-o-r-e) wrote to “IS THIS IT?” mail address asking the author (ignoring who I am – and that we know each other very very well…) to write (something "possibly" positive) about her! hahahaa, so funny…
Btw I’ve been very very professional… and... ok, not true, not at all! I’m having so much fun kidding her… I know, I’m such a bad guy… :)

May 21, 2010

+ Lisa B. – Wait… is she dutch?!!!

The day I noticed this girl I was watching for everything but her.

elite it

But, well, kind of hard to not notice her. She was in an old FW showcard at Beatrice Models (with Alexandrina T. – for the record there was Eniko too…), and despite she’s now with Elite and some time passed, well, I have to say that there have not been big news since then.

city models fr / elite it

Maybe she’s not perfect (especially for side-view pics – because of her kind of flat nose), but her face is really particular, and in a good way for sure.

elite it

Her silhouette is quite amazing, and if I have to admit her face is as interesting as peculiar and… well, not really “all-purpose” editorially talking, about her body presence I guess there is nothing to doubt about. So I think would be a little disappointing to not believe in her – and what has (hopefully) to come. If you look for a fresh and particular face, well, here she is – you’re gonna find few girls more interesting around (even if, I repeat: for the kind of model she is).

PS if I have to face my “Lithuanian fever” has personal reasons and I’m honest enough to admit that for sure, fresh “Dutch fever” (about models) is kind of… well, it’s not been a really intended thing, I’m just finding out models I’m liking the more lately are Dutch! And finding out Lisa is too has been really surprising ‘cause, if we ignore her surname, I’d think she was everything but Dutch…
I have to admit I’ve always been (since I was very little) a Netherlands national football team fan, but… maybe I’ll talk about that in next weeks: also because - World Cup is coming!
But, well… one thing is sure: GO NETHERLANDS! :)

May 19, 2010

? Polina S.

What to say about Polina? Sometimes models have strong points, sometimes they have weak spots, sometimes they’re both part of the same question.

modelwerk de

Her versatility: from some points of view is a question of “what she seems she can do well, and what a-little-bit-less (catwalk, for example); from others, even her shots diversity wide range has not been showed so much ‘til now, and that makes of her such a huge puzzle. Briefly, right now, I have no idea of what to think about this girl.


Even if… well, if I have to express an opinion, for what she does, she does really well: and so that (my opinion) has to be absolutely positive.

modelwerk de / why not models it

If we take a look to her numbers, they’re quite good and standard “in the business” – 1.77 84/69/87. But I have to admit that her body presence is kind of particular (pretty clear in last Waiter’s tests), and despite her bone structure and body-shape-definition is not the kind I love the most – well, for her kind, she’s really interesting.

modelwerk de

And even if for her face features same considerations are quite good (“kind of regular” and nothing really peculiar), well, her “clean face” is as ordinary (someone wrote me “nondescript”) as charming and mysteriously attractive.

modelwerk de

In short: I really really like her, and consider some objective limits (especially about her wide-range-versatility) is not bad but merely honest. Apart from that, about what she does absolutely well, what to say?

modelwerk de

Delightful. It’s been so hard for me to post only these few pics (I first chose something like… 22 pics…), and I guess that means something. I hope to see more for sure; to definitely show how much good she is? to have a clearer idea about her? Yes, sure: and just ‘cause I’d really like to.

May 17, 2010

+ Diana B. – Good news, layout and paging

Have you ever seen something like this in the skies over your head?

bird migration by rachel figueroa-levin

Oh well, “modeling talking” - if you take a closer look to the sky, you’re going to see something very similar: in some particular seasons if you had some kind of very special and improbable skills (let’s pretend that’s possible… a faaat chance), you’d see skies full of young east-european girls flying through the clouds to reach London, Milan or Paris (well, let’s pretend they won’t go farther – like NY or Japan…). To do what? Build their book, create a convincing portfolio, see what kind of works they’d be able to do and get, have a “taste” of what model life is, and… but, step back: build their book.

I’m going to focus on this thing for sure in another occasion, but now let’s talk about Diana.

baltic model lt / tfs

She isn’t a “fresh traveler”, I mean, she isn’t a “current year first trip model”, and… a quick comparison with another Lithuanian girl: her name is Ligita U. (Baltic Model / Elite – like Diana) she’s such a different kind of model, tests completely focused on her strong points, and we should not be surprise to see her at Donna Models (Japan) too, ‘cause for her that’s the perfect and most “fitting” place to be.
For her, and, most important, for what came out from her portfolio building, that absolutely highlights on the pure cuteness and “clean face” (about features) model she is (note: Ligita).

Now - back to Diana.
So: models are like… like news. Yes, news. Sometimes there are long periods of mediocre and a little interesting news – and ok, trying to make them look bigger than they are would be ethically unfair. But, when in a stream of not-so-exciting-news (*cough* last Lithuanian models *cough*) you have a very interesting one, well – successful receipt of the news is a very important part of the whole thing. To not use the best layout and paging possible would be a real pity!

elite it

Diana is a model with good numbers (1.75 82-60-87) such a particular face, explosive attitude, and I really think she showed something like 10% of her real potential. So, she’s quite young (still not 17), and I’d really really like to tell you: KEEP AN EYE ON HER. ‘cause, talking about news, if you can have doubts about her being “front-page material”, she’s at least second page for sure. And, in a little more specific context, if you search in Lithuania for something better - for the kind of model she is and she could completely have the chance to show, well, it will be so hard to find something more convincing. And if you’ll find yourself surprised “by the news”, well, I’m sure will be definitely for good.