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April 28, 2010

++ Sasha M. @ Elle Russia May 2010

Ok, honesty first of all: is this one of those cases where talking about a particular editorial is a way to express how much I love the model by herself? Absolutely yes! And, always honestly talking, I love this model so so so much: despite I someway have to argue about some “book building” choices – but this isn’t the right place.

So: this month Elle Russia has some really good suggestions (yep, even a Laine R. editorial I’ll talk about ‘cause I’m just exhausted of receiving mails from a friend about that… haha – despite the “haha” I’d really like a break about her!), and Sasha is the best possible.


This is the kind of girl presence is not really stunning, but that’s not a bad thing, better still - she’s just another kind of model. And I really love that, and Sasha is one of the best examples; and in this editorial the thing is pretty clearly manifest.


Is this a really complete model? Honestly: I think not. And maybe her features are (objectively) kind of anonymous, maybe her body is just somewhere halfway between the pure “gracefully delicate slander” and the outstanding catwalk material, but… well, this BUT is huuuge. And (even not completely) manifested in this editorial.

If we want to find a word to describe this, it could be amazing; or marvelous, or astonishing, or… we could just stop searching for the right word, and enjoying it for what it is:


USIP +? Sabrina R.

Where this girl come from?
“Denmark” someone could answer, and by itself it’s not wrong. But no, I meant something else. Modeling talking, she come from “Elite Model Look”.

tfs (for the record: first on the right…)

We could spend few lines trying to say what a great thing that is, what a great job Elite does every year, the fact a bunch of good models are discovered every year because of that, that the event is such a gripping show, etc etc - but we won’t now.

Time to talk about Sabrina.


A little introduction is kind of obligatory: we don’t really have enough to try to understand her real potential. But first thing I actually thought when I saw these polas has been: “Cute is cute; and how much cute she is… but: is just that?”.
I don’t know if that’s kind of normal or not, but when I find a girl such a terrific cutie I’m always scared to death that is something to be worried about. I mean: about objectivity / about her modeling consistency.

So, the point is: some tests / shoots she did are consistent, some, well, just not too much.

elite fr

(here my fav)

Even if nothing to be incredibly enthusiastic about, her body proportions / presence are quite good, and so her posing. But… even on the catwalk, “results may vary”


– well, even for good.


Last thing is about her age. I’m really honest telling you first thing I thought: “wow, the kind of 20 yo girl who looks like a 5 years younger model” (well, in the mail I received there were a couple of pics, her name, and a short opinion – for the record positive; and, always for the record, it’s so hard to receive material about a model sender doesn’t like… ok, never happened!), and… well, telling you considerations I did then would be just useless now, ‘cause I now know she’s a 1994 girl – and “modeling talking” things are completely different.
I don’t know why, but I really thought she was “a 20-something cute trying for a comeback”, ‘cause after all behind her childlike features there’s something kind of sweetly mature. But the fact actually she isn’t even 16 gives her a lot of good chances – and us the opportunity to hope to see more (promising and convincing) things of this unquestionable breathtaking adorable cutie.

Even if, not a bad thing (fashion industry need that too for sure!) but merely a consideration, maybe her perfect dimension is the (really good and quite versatile) lookbook model.

SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: about (lovely) "Dutch mafia", mails and opinions...

Ok, first of all: mails. I thought it was kind of implicit but clear, well, I was wrong. PLEASE, send me links and, if you want to send me a particular photo – ok: but not 100 photos! I love you, but it’s just complicated to check what you send me that way…
Haha, most funny thing yesterday was to find 7 photos in 6 mails from the same person (on the same model)! As he told me he messed a little with his mail, but… it’s really been the peak of this absurd situation! :)

Second: I’d like to debate and exchange opinions only via mail, but not ‘cause I don’t like democracy… well, even if I’m a fan of freedom of thought I’d like to see some limits to freedom of speech (especially here, where we talk about very young girls…), and… well, the point especially is: some comments are just useless, but most important I DON’T LIKE MESS – well, if we’re not talking about my clothes scattered all over…

Last point: these days the DUTCH MAFIA (haha, you know who you are!!!) is just a pain in the neck! :)

So: I’m going to talk about “my three fav SPSMM musketeers” (Maaike, Amy, Valerie), about Bo D. (I really love her), Sascha V. D. V. (just saw her), Marie Z., Minke B. (yep guys, I know about this one too!), etc etc, therefore please, give me a break! Haha, you’re too much patriotic, Dutch people…
but c’mon, after all, I’m just loving you… :)
Hugs and kisses

April 26, 2010

++ Michelle D. H. - Surprise!

Despite my 3 fav SPSMM (and maybe generally Dutch) prospects are Maaike K., Valerie V. D. G. and Amy P. – I decided to post something about… none of them! And I actually don’t know why, ‘cause Maaike especially is the girl I’d bet everything on – if I’d use to bet…

But: Michelle. Right the other day I received these UNMO magazine pics

spsmm blogspot

I thought "WOW", and so I went checking something more. I have to admit it: I saw her early pics too now, and if those old times were now - I’d just put them in a drawer forgetting of this girl quite quickly.

But: she’s now going to be 18, she changed a lot, and despite (rare, but it happens) I can’t find a reason and I actually don’t like her to death – I can’t get my eyes away from her.

spsmm blogspot

The more I watch to these, the more I (try to) tell myself “good, but nothing special”, the more I find this model incredibly attractive. I can’t actually find reasonable answers, but she just looks great.

This amazing strawberry blonde maybe doesn’t have the magical power of turning everything she touches in pure gold, but she’s got something. And that “something” is really charming; and from my point of view, hugely surprising.


She's solid editorial material. I’m sure SPSMM, Next (London) and Uno will manage her the best possible; and, most important, it’s quite normal expecting to see her a little bit more now.

USIP Gisele B. @ US Vogue cover April 2010

us vogue cover

Yep, I agree with mail I received, I saw this too, and:
“Are we in 90’s? Is this Cosmopolitan?!!!”

This is what we’d all ask if this was Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris, Vogue Russia, etc etc – but this is US Vogue, and “This is US Vogue” is the only answer we need for this.

PS and despite I’ll receive (well, I guess so…) many complaints about that, no, I actually don’t like Gisele too much. As I used to say to someone asking me about her: “What I love about Gisele? Tom Brady”! ahah
It’s about the model, and honestly the girl herself too, just not my type… and about Tom – I love the football player! Even if I reluctantly have to admit that guy is damned handsome… :)

April 22, 2010

Ieva L. – “Cornerstone”

As my grandma uses to say: “To have a couple of eggs in the fridge is a must, you never know, they’re always useful”, and as aaaaaall grandmas are, she’s so right.

If you have to cook something eggs are so useful and general-purpose; if you have an agency – girls like Ieva are a must.


She’s got the numbers, she’s cute, she’s got the face and whatever she needs to have, but… you know, first time you see her first question is (probably) going to be:
“Where have I seen this girl before?!”


There is a song in last Arctic Monkeys’ album, “Cornerstone”, kind of funny (video especially… awesome, check it on Youtube!), and it’s about a guy seeing a girl everywhere – well, ‘cause he somehow misses her. But the point here are “vision-tricks” and “look-alikes” (not about getting close to her sister… ahah), and Ieva is THE look-alike: she’s THE PERFECT CUTE BLONDE. If you search for “CUTE BLONDE” on an encyclopedia you’ll probably find a pic of her.


So: about the girl, is the kind if you meet her in the street you stop watching her completely astonished by her awesome attractive incredible beauty. In that case “Where have I seen her?” answer would be – in a dream for sure.
About the model, you know, nothing particular, but she’s so good ‘cause she’s got everything she needs; and fashion needs models like these, and that’s good, no judgment intended, not really.

+++ Auguste A. - "Tegul meilė Lietuvos dega mūsų širdyse"…

So: what to say about Auguste? Let’s begin with
– the bad part. Do you believe in chance? If “chance” is about “things doesn’t happen for a reason that has something to do with fate”, I absolutely believe in. If “chance” is an explanation for the weird fact Auguste A. and Monika J. NEVER MET IN ANY LAST MILAN FW SHOW (if I checked right that’s what happened, but the point would just be the same), well, “chance” is not a wise answer.


Auguste passed in few months from D&G, Iceberg, Les Copains, Jil Sander, Burberry, Prada etc to (no offence intended) “Love Sex Money”, and the thing hasn’t the “is all about school” explanation, ‘cause you can skip FWs because of school (see: NY), but once you do a FW is all about booking (so: YOUR AGENCY management first, if you’re 15) – and things went BAD; and BAD is such an euphemistic word to describe the mess happened… even if it’s only about booking quality, and not her catwalks quality for sure.


Now that bad part’s gone: let’s focus on Auguste by herself. SHE’S AWESOME. This girl has such an impressive presence on the catwalk


and from this point of view she’s a huge factor; even if just 15 I can’t see a lot of space for development, but just because she’s already kind of perfect.

If we talk about photos, well, I have to admit “old” Alberta Ferretti adv, recent Bazaar editorial (well, pics have at least 5 months, but let’s act like we don’t know that…) and last tests (these are just examples) don’t have the same impact


(even if I admit: I LOVED TEEN VOGUE)


but: is this enough to not love this Lithuanian model? C’mon, sure not! In Lithuania right now new faces don’t worth an Auguste’s nail (well, rare exceptions apart), and if I have to choose her or Julija S., despite general belief – Auguste now and forever! Her mere presence is STUNNING.


Conclusion is: one of the best debuts in last years is now one of the most underrated models, and this thing is just making me go crazy. She’s just perfect for Marras, Richmond, Jo No Fui, but she deserves that and especially more… take a look: her hair, her stance, attitude, confidence, body shape and proportions are just perfect, her eyes are pure heaven (and cold as ice...), face features, her cold and penetrating glance, the way she walks, etc etc!


Panicking about her (jeopardizing) career would be stupid NOW, but the point is: time for choices. Slow down and wait, or really believe in her – stuck in between is worst option.
Don’t know if it’s been a mistake because of her age what she did (and do, after all she’s 15) in her modeling career, but I absolutely agree with “If you do a mistake, well, at least do it well”!

Oh, well, I’m joking – Auguste’s life (as usual) comes first, and that’s the most important thing at all. Seeing “the model” with D&G or Prada next FW is nothing important compared to “the girl”. Never forget that, people around…

April 20, 2010

AOB - The most stupid thing you can do is take a dog and call him “cat”

Once upon a time…
words used to mean something. Oh guys, good old times… briefly: if I want a cat and I just can’t find one, the most stupid thing I can do is take a dog and call him “cat”.

If in agencies there are sections it means something: well, at least I used to think that. So, in my magical world, MODELS are girls a little bit established, with some works already done or, at least, if we want to have a veeeeery open meaning of the word, a solid book built with huge (ok, don’t ask too much, decent) tests. NEW FACES or DEVELOPMENT are not random words, they mean something, and we talk about age, we talk about the kind of so much different work booker has to do, we talk about creating a book, trying to understand what the girl can do in fashion world, and so on.

Well, in my world (and in good old times I guess) these things had sense and decent credibility. But right the other day a girl communicated me her changing status in her mother agency, and she was kind of happy, and if she is I’m too, and I took a look at her agency site to check the thing (no, I won’t tell the name) and – WHAT’S GOING ON?!!!

I had impression just happened the stupid story of the cat, so: they don’t have so many cats (models) at the moment, and even dogs (new faces) are not of the level they used to have, so, without logic reasons – dogs became cats, and… well, this metaphor is driving me crazy: new faces turned into models, and mediocre fashion material magically became new faces. Bang, like that, just changing words. I just don’t think this is the way things work: if a girl never worked before, doesn’t have a really convincing (or at worst even decent) book and you don’t know what to do with her SHE’S NOT A MODEL.

So: is calling a dog “cat” the solution when you find out there are no cats?!!! mmm… guess not, guys around.

April 17, 2010

+? Azul C.

I saw these


And then, for a long time – nothing else. So I almost forgot her, but I have to thank someone just sent me something new of her, and I’m quite impressed.

women it


She changed a lot, in a good way for sure, and I generally like the way she poses / her confidence / the way she looks. Her skin is just amazing,


and the only thing I’m not totally convinced about is generally runway presence (and her not-so-well-defined features).


But you know, waiting for more news, it’s been such a pleasant surprise – and I guess it’s even more than enough.

April 16, 2010

Elizaveta V. - Too “what?!”, too soon

This is going to be quite “quick and painless”; so, what to say about Elizaveta?

You know what happens with people, with girls in the “real life”, and that sometimes happens with models too: sometimes the point is about first impact.
And first impact doesn’t have to be about the person / girl by herself; I mean: it’s even about the situation, the kind of context, a lot of things indeed. So maybe the first impact isn’t that much great, but the fault is of everything but the person you are facing.


Once I say that, even if I won’t post here - first things I saw of this girl were some swimsuit polaroids and her age was something like 12. The point is: what the what?! And we’re now some months later, she did some other tests, shoots for this or that, and the important is not “what” but, I guess, “where”.

switchmodels jp


Most recent work she did has been this, a Numero Tokyo editorial:

image discovery blog

So, introduction: do I find something good in this “model material”? Actually – nope.

But I’m enough honest to admit to myself that my opinion is maybe a little bit… mmmm… “intellectually dishonest”? Absolutely. Even if I knew / I’ll know personally this or that girl I’ll review and I’ll be enough uninvolved to
1)to not say anything about that
2)give an honest and impartial opinion
I don’t know personally Elizaveta but the way I approached to very first shoots (“very first”? c’mon! She’s 1996) of “that” 12 yo / 1.75 m girl is something I honestly don’t think I can bypass like… like that!

Btw, objective opinion: about “conditio sine qua non” for medeling, obviously, nothing to say; endless legs, good posing, but I don’t like her face so much, and even less her expressiveness (not such a wide range of expressions actually). And that’s that.