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WHAT’S THIS?!!! Two words about “IS THIS IT?”

Is this the umpteenth blog about models? I hate who plays ostentatiously the nonconformist, so I answer – yes and not.
This is about established and well known models, but first of all about new faces, girls that just arrived in fashion world or that, for their age, are in it since a short time. Btw, the point is: there are going to be polaroids, pics, composits, advertisements, editorials, and sometimes “any other business”.

Just one thing: ADDITIONAL NOTES… it’s not a vote about the model (less than less about the girl – I’m one of the few that bear the difference in mind), c’mon, I’m not a teacher and I’m not that much presumptuous or arrogant to give a granitic vote to anyone. It’s just… some kind of help about what’s written, just that, with a quick view you know if I wanted to express a particular positive note (generally about the model / the specific editorial, adv, or whatever it is).
I just didn’t want to do a mere (and very cold) catalogue or list, that was and still is one of the things I care the more about. And… yes, “?” – it happens to have not so clear ideas, sometimes because of few polaroids or tests, sometimes just ‘cause… it happens, it happens to say “I think this but I’m not quite sure, maybe things are worse, maybe even better”, especially talking about models – and even more about fresh faces that haven’t developed yet.

So… that’s that. I don’t think there is a lot more to say about this, so – hope you’ll enjoy.