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June 23, 2010

AOB What the hell “best relevance” is…

Do men have so much space in fashion world? I mean: just for example, did these last days have same media exposure will be given to major fashion weeks in September? Guess not.

So, we have Menswear S/S shows; and what happens?

Frankly: I expected at ABC News they knew what the hell “best relevance” was… I mean, great (well, maybe “great” is not the right consideration… let’s pretend it, I’m too much polemic these days to write about this…), Auguste did some Men shows (and we could talk about this: “this this”, and “this” generally – women at men shows? WHY?), and bla bla bla, but… if the news is “Enrico Coveri Milan MENSWEAR Spring/Summer 2011”, well, no offence intended, maybe I don't give a damn about seeing Auguste?!

C’mon, men already don’t have space they’d deserve; and if for a miracle you give news about men’s show, well, pleeease at least choose the pic a little bit more cleverly… ‘cause if Monday 21st at 11:30 someone went to Piazza Cavour 3 in Milan I guess that (the subject of the pic) wasn’t the first reason because of that someone did it, not at all.