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June 19, 2010

++ Lyoka T. – and the “doing what you do good great”

Quite simple: this is one of my fav models if we talk about catwalk.
And generally, this gives me the chance to say she's absolutely an outstanding model; ‘cause the point is: modeling is kind of… well, like playing basketball. I mean, if we talk about Kobe, Lebron, etc, well, maybe that’s another sport… but if we talk about “humans”, what makes of a player a good or even great player?
The point is: for the kind of player you are, what you have to do for good, you have to do great. So if Dwight Howard is a great center it doesn’t mean he can do EVERYTHING, but what he has to do he does it great, well, Lyoka for me is a perfect catwalk model,


and what she has to do good, SHE DOES GREAT. She’s got an outstanding walk, her face looks just perfect (features - look at her cheekbones! / first of all expressivity), her body is kind of perfect (“for the purpose”). Really, she’s just striking, and if you haven’t seen her “live”, at least go and take a look to one of her catwalks videos.
About shots, well, if we ignore this,


that is unbearable and kind of unnerving, well, most are really good and I have to admit that she surprised me absolutely for good.


Her presence is solid, expressive, even delicate sometimes, and you can like her or not, but admitting she’s remarkable is absolutely a must.


I want to underline that if you ask me “about the girl” I don’t like her too much (no, ‘cause I read mails I receive and some a little too much often tend to confuse what we are talking about…), so… well, I guess my enthusiasm is even more appreciable! I really hope to see good things in the upcoming catwalk season – I mean, not about her appearances (from this point of view: no doubts), but about her booking quality. And “even if” 1986 (“even if” is the general thought of the business; and from this point of view, she even began quite late for the standard...), well, from my point of view her peculiarities should give her good chances for a solidly long career still to come. At least - really hope so.