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June 24, 2010

+ Angelika S. & Sanja M. @ by Melanie Rodriguez

If I have to tell the truth, this is more than just about these shots.
Actually, this seemed to me such an easy and fast way to show two “almost unknown models” I really like (and generally: two of my fav at WM), and so I asked myself: why not?

wm blog (first pic, from left to right: Sanja/Angelika)

The quality of the pics even if good is… well, I wouldn’t have noticed these, if it wasn’t for Sanja and Angelika. But even if this space is not about them (by themselves), just a couple of words.

Sanja isn’t exactly a “new face”, young but “not really young”, she isn’t very peculiar if I have to tell the truth, but… I really like her a lot. For the kind of model she is, she’s got a good presence, nice features and she’s really reliable to me.

About Angelika, she’s got a lot of time to come, and good things for sure (well – hope so). For me her potential is really good and if I think of what some good development could do, well, I’d keep an eye on.

wm blog

Even if this shots just have “positive” note, well, I think these two models singularly still have a lot to say – even better and more convincing than this.
So: Sanja is maybe a little bit less surprising and intriguing but more “reliable” for sure; about Angelika… well, nothing sure, but potentially great things are possible; and I’d really like to see something more in next months. We’ll see. Btw: they both worth (even if so much different) attention for sure.