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June 24, 2010

Adriana L. @ V Spain cover – Sorry, but I actually have other ideas about what “sexy” is…

For the record: I’m not gay. No, 'cause I don’t know why, but nowadays it happens very often to listen to something like “Wait, are you gay?!” in two circumstances:

- a girl who knows she is very hot let you understand she’d like to have sex with you and you just say “No, thanks” (or something like that);
- you don’t think a pic like this is really sexy.


About the first point: ehy, I don’t happen to have sex like this; and, most important, I don’t have sex with a girl (even if very hot) just because of a decision of her; I know usually word works like that and medium guy (girls forgive us: guys are basically stupid…) would have sex with EVERY hot and sexy girl if they’d ask him, but – not my case, not at all! I’m not a saint (oh my gosh, absolutely not!), but less than less someone “drooling over girls” that squalid (and passive) way.

Then: about the pic, I generally don’t like girls (and even models, talking about fashion), like… like… well, “Victoria’s secrets angels” just to get what I mean. Well, wait, there are few exceptions, for example even Caroline T. is an “angel”, but completely different from "usual standard" for sure!
But if we talk about pics like this, the thing is even… well, I’m "kind of repulsed" (or at least: “What the?!!! No thanx…”); too much ostentation, too much “winking”, too much… when you want for a girl “to look hot and sexy”, well, most of the times result is “overloaded”. And this is the case. I don’t love Adriana by myself, but this way, well - even less.
PS if you're one of those DUMB MEN IN LUST STARING AT MODELS IN THE SUBWAY (or wherever else) LIKE... PIECES OF MEAT?! (btw: that's not flirting, it's bothersome and damned annoying)- oh well, so sorry: you're going to enjoy this for sure...