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June 30, 2010

++? Esmé W. – Personally, the "killer pic" par excellence

About Dutch agencies, I (enthusiastically) talked about SPSMM “three musketeers” (Maaike, Amy and Valerie + Michelle – by preference order…); but we can’t forget Wilma Wakkers, with Bo D., Gwen L. and… and who?!
First time I saw her it was because of an Anouk Morgan shot, and I practically felt in love. I maybe had the chance to say that before, but better repeat: some Anouk Morgan shots are what blood doping is for cyclists – they alter performances.
The good is: that’s absolutely legal.
The bad: well, I love Anouk’s works so much that I have to admite that sometimes they alter even too much “what the model actually is”.

wilma wakker nl

But about Esmé, well, luckily she’s “such a good cyclist” by herself.

wilma wakker nl

I actually can’t understand why she “felt into oblivion”; well, better, she’s never been in any huge spotlight, and I can’t find reasonable reasons.

wilma wakker nl

She’s pure lovely cuteness, a solid beauty, whatever you may ask her to be.

next fr

If I’d tell you she’s one of my fav models overall, well, I’d tell you a lie… but I really love her, soooo much, and I actually can’t stand this standstill. This 1.80 red blonde is a diamond; a diamond in need of manufacturing (development)? No, she’s such a shining diamond, a princess cut one, good for best and most precious gold rings for sure.