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June 15, 2010

+? Ksenia M. – When a lookalike may be more interesting than the original…

If I have to tell the truth (and I guess I have; well, you’re not my girlfriend! or something like that… *_*’ – btw just joking! I absolutely don't have a girlfriend... haha :P), I noticed Ksenia for a stupid kind-of-lookalike. Better, I noticed her ‘cause she reminded me a lot Olga A. (I mentioned her here before too, and you’re going to find something about her for sure).

fdib (Olga A.)

Once I say that, I absolutely have to underline that Olga and Ksenia are sooo much different, ‘cause Olga is the Russian gorgeous and outstanding (really – her presence is breathtaking) beauty, (modeling talking: even kind of “aggressive”) with unlimited charm and indescribable solid presence.


I really love her for her “Russian features”, that even particularly aren’t actually too much marked or kind of extreme (not at all). But what I really find remarkable and absolutely unique is the incredible mix this model embody.

women it

In fact, it’s so hard to find a 70something/60/90 girl with this charm, such an interesting face and, last but not least – face features that are pretty reliable and versatile and not too much extreme.

women it

And before the “the grand final” (more than positive), and especially before I forget, well, here something I would happily do without…


So she’s outrageously graceful, but not with the pretty face of the pure “precious little cutie“, absolutely not.
From this point of view, you know, it’s really hard to know what’s going to happen with this young (17) girl, ‘cause even she could seem “Japanesely perfect”, well, maybe she’s somehow just “too much in between”!
I mean, for me a really good thing; but for someone searching for a little-pure-cuteness girl or a solid beauty, she could be…

women it

well, from my point of view – ABSOLUTELY TOO MUCH! Really, never saw such an interesting girl with these numbers (1.78-75/59/88), and even her body presence by itself is so… not just cute, not too much skinny - or with the mere “skinny expressivity” of the body. And from this point of view, her body, I absolutely expect to see something more and first of all better focused on its outstanding and unique expressivity.