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June 12, 2010

++ Minke B. – “there are models with explosive attitude”

This girl is one of the most inexplicable (and kind of “baffling” – absolutely for good) examples of how much surprising modeling can be; at least, for me.


Do I like this girl to death? no, not really.
But about the model… you know, there are some people (fortunately: few – well, at least, hope so) that see in fashion and models something like… well, they want to search something they’d like to find in a girl they’d meet elsewhere; I mean, they think “like” is about liking the girl, finding her cute, pretty, and just that. And if we talk about that, well, I have to say that even worse is doing the same thing but about sexual attraction. From this point of view, the note is quite easy: IF YOU’RE A MAN, USE YOUR HEAD – THE RIGHT ONE!

ozonweb / newmodels be

After this little digression, what about Minke? You know, when someone tells me (or even just think) “who cares about models’ life and personality” I’m kind of… “What the hell are you talking about?!!!”
first, if you ignore models’ life and the fact they’re first of all girls (even better: models is WHAT THEY DO, not what they are…), well, you must be such a dickhead (no offence intended - or better, absolutely yes…);
second, if we talk about fashion, personality is not just about the girl, but a lot of times it’s about what even “the model” can communicate and so be able to do.

If we consider the two opposites, what I love the most are introvert, withdrawn and “kind-of-alienated” (I talk about personality and the way they look in front of the camera) girls, or explosive girls, the ones with such a terrific attitude.
So, when I wrote “there are models with explosive attitude” in recent Natasha post, well, Minke IS that kind of model “par excellence”.

newmodels be

She’s funny, she’s a volcano of ideas, she’s pure energy, and the problem is that, even if this is her best for sure, well, sometimes shots are kind of…

tfs / newmodels be

What about a… don’t know, a Dioni T. for these kind of pics, considering she’s got such a huge body presence and clear face features? Dioni is just an example, and first “adjacent” name came to my mind…

newmodels be

So, even if I don’t really love her face and about body proportion I’m not exactly enthusiastic, well, I have to say that if we talk about some photo sessions she’s the first girl to call for.

And even if just in need of a “conventional beauty / cute” you should better call another girl, well, as you can see she’s not that much bad in that role too…