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June 15, 2010

Maaike K. @ Vogue Turkey June 2010

When you’re going to find (and you found) this kind of posts (about a single editorial / photo session / etc – btw “@ posts”), well, these are not generally about the model, but about what you’re going to find by itself.
So, here the thing is quite clearer. I’ve got such a huge enthusiasm for Maaike, but this, well, disappointed me – and not a little actually.

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Once we say “Great for her to be in Vogue Turkey”, and bla bla bla in this direction, well, the point is… it’s just like being on a bus. If you get out at the wrong stop, well, the city is still great and amazing (ok, if it really is… hope you’re in Paris…), and the disappoint is just about being in the wrong part of the city.

About Maaike, well, I guess this is the classic – right (and "right" doesn't express "how much right" Maaike is...) girl in the wrong place.
This editorial was perfect for such a “pure cuteness” girl, with delicate features and soft expressivity; for Maaike… well, kind of happy for the “where” (Vogue Turkey editorial), but not that much about the “how”… but as usual, you know, optimistically the good is: a good chance to do a lot of other good things for sure.