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June 19, 2010

USIP + Gwen L. @ Resort 2011 shows

I received a lot of material about Gwen. And I already wrote (even if a couple of words) about her
“well, at Wilma Wekker I noticed (“early”) Gwen L.”
and, despite that “early”, Gwen isn’t that much old – absolutely not! The point is… I saw some early pics when she really had just began, and I have to admit my huge enthusiasm about her.
Then I saw “contemporary material”, and that enthusiasm became kind of moderate; and even something less…


But I have to thank patience (and stubbornness) of who has opinions and fortunately doesn’t try to convince me I may be (better: I AM!) wrong like “a bloodthirsty knight on a mission”, no, just share his/her point of view; this, plus “Dutch mafia” that can be really convincing – and stubborn!, so last chapter of the story (the Gwen one) has been her last “Resort appearances”.

wwd / style

She did some good “appearances” so it seemed to me limitative to cite just this or that; the point is: she really convinced me.
Better – maybe I haven’t found my “early” enthusiasm about “her early shots”, but now I’m back to a fairly good optimism. So even if I’m still not completely convinced catwalk is her “natural environment”, not at all (and from this point of view, what you’re going to find about Lyoka will be quite emblematic), well, good to see her again and change a little my opinion – and btw thanks for the tip. :)