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March 09, 2010

+++ Monika J. - If I'm sure about something, here she is

What to say about Monika? Numbers say it in such an evident way: me and “castings guys” agree about her. And in last FWs the thing has been hugely manifest. She did sooo many shows (“tens and tens” doesn’t give a vague impression… I’m really impressed…), and she just looked great.

emilio pucci / style.it

versace / style.it

She’s just perfect for catwalks, and any word to describe the way she is would be useless – and limiting.

celine / style.it
Well, ok: take randomly a pic and it’s perfect…



But (and there is a “but”) I have to say it, I don’t know if she is a very complete model. I mean, better: in my mind, at the moment she isn’t. The attitude she showed in last FWs days didn’t change my mind about that and what I saw; I don’t see “same material” in advertisings or editorials. But… gosh, I don’t care about how much she’ll improve: right now what she does bad, she does great - and what she does well, she does magnificently!
She’s been just PERFECT these FWs, and despite her age, she’s one of the few models I’m really sure about – now and forever.