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March 28, 2010

+ Alexandrina T.

First pics I saw of “this solid blonde” she was at Beatrice, “in the old times” where (now Elite) Lisa B. was there too – and despite they were (and still are) so different they both impressed me a lot.

Even if with Alexandrina happened what usually happens when you don’t like “the girl by herself” so much: you just have to face it. Face that, after all, she's not exactly your type but her potential is just undeniable.


And the thing has been even harder ‘cause, even right now, she’s not the kind of model I actually prefer.


But let’s face it: now she’s at Why Not, going to be 17, and most important she’s the kind of model age is a factor – but at contrary. So, even if I think is (and will be) hard to see her on catwalks with a “more-than-ordinary impact”, her posing skills and, most important, natural presence is fated to become a huge factor.

tfs – majormodels - mandarinamodels

She’s not been the kind of model that caught my eye in the bunch of new faces, “let’s give her a little more time” was and still is the real point.


And it’s not about improving her attitudes, it’s just… well, I’m talking about what happened (and is still happening) with Lithuanian Julija S. – but at the opposite. Julija in last months changed a lot, I’m talking about the girl, and I have to admit I didn’t expect that way, and it’s a (still can’t get if positive or what) factor.
About Alexandrina the thing is and was (from my point of view) clear at first sight of early polaroids, she’s becoming a model with a huge and solid presence in front of the camera, and time is just a (strange, in fashion industry…) welcome factor with her.