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March 18, 2010

++? Claire D. J. - There's just one (very very technical…) word: “WOW”!

You know what usually happens with agencies – and if you don’t, here quite briefly: they snatch little girls up as soon as they see any good modeling potential; sometimes, any modeling potential; a lot of times – any potential. For the record - it even happens that they just snatch little girls up, period.


Claire is (fortunately) a good example of the first case (at worst the second): has she signed in Milan, Paris, NY, London, Barcelona etc etc just because of her cuteness? No, I guess not; “she’s got the numbers”, and the girl showed them quite early.


She’s now going to be 16 this year, and… sure I don’t want to compare her to Monika, Auguste and so on, I’m not that much stupid, but… THE TIME IS RIPE. So if not about her career (I almost never dispute about that – there are sooo many factors, chances and personal choices that it would be just wrong and deeply erroneous; and I always say SCHOOL FIRST, GIRLS!), at least about answering this: has Claire what gives a model the chance to establish in this world in a significant way? or not?

cosmopolitan nl

I never hide, and this time I don’t even need any particular bravery to say I think she's really promising – IT’S SO EVIDENT. But there hasn’t been that kind of “spark” to make it quite clear and evident, last shots don’t really make it clear; and from my point of view best are still polaroids / tests she did


– with as less photoshop as possible.


For this last pic there's just one (very very technical…) word: “WOW”!