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March 21, 2010

AOB Caroline T. - and (old) polaroids

Lately I thought of Caroline T.; well, more than usual…
Still don’t know how to get her switch to Women (some random names they now have in Milan and I just love: Auguste A., Nastya E., Maaike K., Alana K., Agnete H., Ginta L., Katie K., Nimue S., Snejana O., Nastya S., Olga A., Vlada R, Madysin R. etc etc!!!), but I thought of her because of that.

These days it’s happening to talk a lot about polaroids / tests, about how much these or those are less or more useful to get an idea about “new faces”, and my opinion has (always) been: I NEED FIRST OF ALL POLAROIDS. ALWAYS. It usually happens to see polaroids first and tests then, but it’s just about… you know, usually people mold considerations about polaroids after tests – and (almost) never the contrary.
Well, for me polaroids are MORE IMPORTANT THAN TESTS TO GET AN IDEA ABOUT A MODEL AND HER POTENTIAL (we’re not talking about “building up” a book), and if I have to take a choice about what to take a look at – POLAROIDS. ALWAYS. I’ve seen sooo many disasters made by photographers and agencies with tests. They’re a very useful instrument, but… the most I listened to these days has been “but what about presence in front of the camera, posing, confidence, ‘takes diversity’”?. I agree, absolutely, just – better change your mind with a polaroid and reset what you thought after have seen tests and not the opposite.

So: Caroline. Don’t know how, I just stumbled across some first polaroids.


Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I just wanted to share this stupid but (I think) nice example; these are the kind of polaroids that can’t go unnoticed. It’s so easy to see whatever you have to see: superficially (about the face and her peculiar elements, hair, body structure), about the kind of girl she is and “what’s gonna happen 2/3/5 years from now” (face – body predictions) and finally about how much confident she is, her posing skills and how much good she looks in photos; and perfect “fashion material” she is and will definitely develop in (and yep, how much cute she is – but this consideration is just a personal plus…). Just for the record: it happened to be even more impressed when I saw (just yesterday) some Denisa D. old polaroids… but we’ll see them on another occasion!


PS here there are her newest polaroids with Women… no words...