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March 20, 2010

++ Nastyusha S. – It was supposed to be a “wait and see”…

Nastyusha, Nastyusha… this is a story little bit different from the recent (recent: as just seen here) Claire one; with Claire happened what happened, for example, with Deimante M. – it was about a bunch of agencies snatching the girl.

avantmodels ru

First thing I saw of this girl were "a long time ago pics", she was 14 (and for the record: identical to the way she is now; and for the record again: this is quite clearly the kind of girl won’t not even minimally change in her career, not an Alexandrina T. for sure from this point of view), and really briefly: nothing happened, nothing changed. And, honest: still can’t understand why.

imagemodels jp

I’m not going to talk about choices regarding the girl (I’ll try to do that the less I can, even if I know personally some girls and there are bunch of cases when I think agencies bad ethics are and have been questionable), I won’t tell if it’s morally right what happened with some 14 years old girls (and still happens), so – about Nastyusha: I’m not going to tell “agencies had to ‘milk’ her skills and titanic potentialities”, ‘cause we don’t have to care about what happened with her standstill. Maybe she chose to not travel at her age (I always say that: SCHOOL FIRST), maybe she did not have the success she could have had, and so on, that’s not the point.

The point is not about make the most: the point is about development and first of all valorization. Here we are: she’s 2 years older, and all we have are some mediocre not convincing or mishandled tests or photo shoots.

Do I still believe in this girl? YES, I do! And I say that out loud, even if most could tell me she’s just an average cutie. From the beginning I saw something more in her – and I actually have to admit that seeing her at Women gave me few optimistic expectancies.

avantmodels ru

And for the record about Avant, someone should tell them:
1) to take best tests (only first two of these examples are quite good…)

So – what really scares me? This:


To see a new Nastya S.


(maybe is a matter of chance – she’s with Avant too… you can easily see their "touch" in second pic), a model with good potential fated to become only an average (and even something less) model. And despite Nastyusha looks the same kind of girl the difference is she has an incomparably bigger potential, and it would be a real shame to waste it the way it seems it’s gonna be right now. So after all: still keep an eye on this model! You won’t be disappointed – or at least I hope so…