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March 10, 2010

+++ Frida G. / Hannah H. @ Jill Stuart adv

Ok, if these days I’m quite (quite = gosh, wooow!) happy to see Caroline / Karlie / Vlada all together for Sonia Rykiel every time I’m around the city, I had an even better surprise from Jill Stuart.


Well, cards on the table: am I extremely impressed by the campaign pics by themselves? nope; I mean, not more than in other situations. But the point is: Hannah H. and Frida G. together? Hurray!!!

I couldn’t ask anything more. I love them, and in so many different ways – and choosing two models so different but their own way great has been the best choice they could do.

PS stupid, but - curiosity: can anyone ask IMG why despite “Frida is FRIDA” she’s still on the “development section” of the agency? I find it quite funny… she still should evolve? into what?!!! “Pikachu”?!!! haha C’mon, she’s such a huge factor in fashion industry – PERIOD.

PPS and please, don’t tell me it’s because she’s 1993, ‘cause 1) she’s FRIDA!!! 2) I don’t want to be argumentative but, an example at random – in Elite they created themselves faaaaaar less troubles with Julija S. status in the agency… and maybe they had to consider the thing a little bit more, compared with Frida G.… I mean, “FRIDA”.