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March 09, 2010

++? Nastya E.

Ok, when I first saw polaroids/tests of her, I have to admit, I was pretty enthusiastic.

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and it wasn’t just about her eyes, how much cute she (might have) looked, it was something more: the presence in front of the camera, particular shape of her eyes, and, you know, that kind of “innocent cuteness” that a lot might have at a certain age, but just few have in a particular and very interesting way.


What about now? Well: this is one of the models I’m not really sure about. I still see a lot of good potential, but let’s talk about limits: first, I can’t see catwalk material.

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Second: despite what her numbers say (1.75 – 80/58/86), her body proportions don’t convince me completely. And, always talking about body, the part that makes me most doubtful is between shoulders and neck; I saw a lot of recent pics, and her body doesn’t convince me completely, just that.

About her attitude in front of the camera, I see a lot of good potential; even if - from left to right in next photo, there are “a huge YES” and “a timid no”

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and, if I have to tell the truth, for some kind of advertisings she’d be ready and perfect even right now.


The fact her or Diana would be the same for me tells how much I still believe in this model: but 1) with some limits and 2) we’ll have to see how. So: yep, a huge question mark – but with a moderate optimism. Especially for her “clean” and quite particular face (shape of her eyes, nose/mouth).