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March 15, 2010

+ Marketa F. – (maybe) That’s that

Is she good? Yep – and her presence in front of the camera is just awesome. What about her age? She’s still 14 and (in theory) with plenty of time to come.


This young Czech model is unquestionably good looking and, if we talk about her numbers (1.76 – 86/60/90) and features it seems there is some good “fashion material” here.


The only point is: is there a lot of good potential? Is she going to be anything different from this “good but nothing special model” (even if I don’t like the expression “commercial model”, that’s the point)? Don’t know, maybe yes, maybe not.


She’ such a good model even right now (for “the kind of model” she is right now, from my point of view is even more than good – she’s really awesome), great attitude, but after have seen tests and polaroids, I think what you see is all you can get; sure, quite good, very mature for her age (the way she looks / her confidence particularly), but (maybe) that’s that. “Take it or leave it”? We'll see...