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March 21, 2010

Mandy V. D. B. – "Conditio sine qua non"

I used to say:
“You know what usually happens with agencies – and if you don’t, here quite briefly: they snatch little girls up as soon as they see any good modeling potential; sometimes, any modeling potential; a lot of times – any potential. For the record - it even happens that they just snatch little girls up, period.”
and I wasn’t so far from how things are. The point is there is a “Conditio sine qua non”, some kind of “go/no go”, so if “you are that much tall and your body proportions are this much good”, you’ll easily be somewhere between “they snatch little girls up as soon as they see any good modeling potential” and the “they just snatch little girls up” category. Well, thanks to god (or candies and fast foods restaurants...) the “go/no go” in fashion cut a lot of girls, so agencies don’t have to work on so many girls – well, if they’re in east Europe things are a little bit different…


So, after this little introduction, let’s talk about Mandy; I’ve seen “her numbers”, and you can easily see that, she’s the kind of girl good for the “go/no go” standards.
Nevertheless: if we talk about the “here and now”, after all right now I’m not so much convinced about her.


When you don’t believe in a new face about the “here and now” but you think she's up to your good and optimistic expectations, there are two kinds of things you can hope about:
-the girl will change her body / face / looking;
-the girl need to “develop”, and this is a quite normal phase that everyone -unless you are a catwalk (like Monika J. or Auguste A.) or an adv/editorial monster- has got to pass, even if… you know, you can pass from 5 to 10, or 2 to 3, or 1 to 10, girls are different and results will obviously be too.

So, for transitive property, I believe a lot in Micha, and so if they believe in Mandy I do too; but deny the undeniable is short-sighted and kind of stupid. She doesn’t look very good in shoots I saw (even latest), and so much comfortable neither. She needs to get more confident, more and more, she needs to play with the camera a little bit more, pose naturally, she needs to change even the body presence by itself. But, c’mon, she’s so young (late 1995) and I can’t see any reason to not believe that won’t happen.

But I seize the opportunity (not for Mandy, I really have no idea of what is going to happen with her, and hope the best for her) to underline that “go/ no go” standards are an “ESSENTIAL” but not a “SUFFICIENT/ENOUGH” – and we’ll see that in so many other occasions later; especially about the “We anyway try, then we’ll see what’s gonna happen” agencies (often bad) habit…