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March 10, 2010

Laine R.

Ok, let’s talk about this: if we were two years ago (or even a little bit less), you’d read a completely different title: and something like "++" beside (and maybe more). But you know, people change, opinions too, and only stupid people don’t admit their mistakes. And, despite “someone” is telling us being stupid is so cool these days – I admit my mistakes.

ford models

When I saw her first I thought she had a lot of potential. I’m not talking about… you know, about seeing a cute girl you might like, evaluate models is not about this; and, from my point of view, she wasn’t the umpteenth lovely and fresh model seen for the umpteenth time with no future or, anyway, a future of mediocre anonymity. No, I admit: I didn’t think she was a cute new face like there are bunches – and bunches.

telva / scan

chocheng / tfs

Well, my opinions changed a lot: now I think I was so much wrong about her. I’m not talking about… from my point of view, she’s such a pretty girl, and from that point of view she’s "++" (and maybe more). But we’re talking about models, and despite she looks good, despite she did some fine things lately, despite she’s baltic (for me: a very important thing… haha, really!) and despite, I repeat, I think she’s a really really cute girl even right now, well, about the model – big big delusion.

jenni kayne / wwd.com

Ok, I admit: world is full of more mediocre and anonym ordinary models than her. And even more of just worse models. But… well, when you expect great, your delusion is bigger. And I don’t think we’re talking about agencies bad decisions, it happens very often - but this is not the case: it’s just and only her. She’s a cute face, her age (she’s 17) still gives her a lot of chances to improve, but right now – I’d bet on someone else.