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April 01, 2010

AOB Nastyusha S. / Auguste A. – About fat guys, rainbows and good sense (and heartfelt thanks)

This will sound weird, but taking a look to Nastyusha's book made me think of last FWs; and especially about my fav moment. What's my fav moment of these last FWs?!!! You’ll never ever ever guess, I bet you won't…
Ok, I gave you enough time, you tried, you failed, here it is:

john richmond / fashionmag

Despite last Milan FW has been such a huge disaster for Auguste (from my point of view – we’ll see that in another occasion), despite Women didn’t move the way I used to expect (I love Women most of the times, and c’mon – THEY HAVE TRENTINI NOW!), despite her career and what agencies did and still do with her is and has been hugely questionable ethically and from a merely professional point of view, well – in spite of everything!, seeing her closing Richmond this way just made me GLAD, CHEERFUL and BRIGHT.

You know, it’s that kind of weird feeling that… you know, you walk in the street and you just see rainbows, flowers everywhere, people around you seem to come from an old B/W musical and they dance and they sing, and then… well, then usually you open your eyes and you find yourself in the subway with a fat guy right all over you. But that moment was just pure heaven.

At Women should learn a quite easy lesson: you don’t need so much to look unimpeachable. You don’t have to be smart or clever or less than less ethically correct for real, it’s just about, at least, using good sense. Well, don’t have bad ethics would be better, but… ok, let’s get over this. So – you don’t need to be so smart so clever or sooooo unimpeachable to avoid some shoots from a girl’s book. Especially if she has an age where… you know, where if she was your cousin, your sister or your daughter you’d just say “No thanks” (better: “Gosh, no, shut the f**k up, I don’t want these kind of photos for her, she’s just 13/14/15/16). That’s exactly what happened with Nastyusha, I avoided to put those pics here, but… there are. The only point is: WERE THESE PHOTOS REALLY REALLY REALLY AN “INESCAPABLE FACT”?!!! SURE NOT!!!
You can’t change fashion world for sure, and these little little things are not the real point, but… you know, little by little… and seeing Auguste that way really made me love her more than ever; her, and the B/W heavenly musical I’m in every time I think of that… even the fat guy looks great because of how much well I feel … haha, THANK YOU AUGUSTE.