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June 03, 2010

+ Nina P. – “The LA model”

I wanted to write something about Nina, and so I asked a friend… well, let’s use words the right way, I asked “an acquaintance” if he knew her – and I just asked for an opinion too.
“Yes, I remind of her, THE LA MODEL”… and you know, in fashion world if you’re brought to mind for being “The girl who cried on the catwalk” (let’s draw a veil over that episodes and all the stupid things I read and heard about that… Auguste A. btw), “A Vogue cover girl”, “The Prada model” (see: Rasa Z.), even “A Ford model” (even!), it’s kind of very good or at least ok, but being “The LA model” is… well, not exactly what you should dream for (and btw, just for the record she’s signed with Why Not too).

why not it / lma models ru

This girl isn’t exactly (despite what you could find wrote around…) a “new face” (22), and in my mind at that age your career should be a path well defined; well, even at 18 actually for me… and with what I wrote I just mean: fashion industry should have a clear idea of your potential and what you can successfully do – or not.

About Nina… I have the impression her career is on a path that… well, good for sure for what she’s good for, but kind of… well, the path is a little bit too much narrow for the way it should be.
I mean

lma models ru

this, well, is ok, but if this is all (or: huge part of her shots), well, a little bit less ok of what it seemed to be.

If “The LA model” was such a soft and delicate way to say “The hot (and LA based) model – but first of all HOT” (and it was!), well, I guess I have to face the fact that’s what generally fashion industry may think of her; and that’s such a pity.

lma models ru

‘cause I’d like to see something more like this, and so on (and even better, ‘cause I saw some other pics and I really loved them! some so sweet and lovely, not hot for sure…), and… well, if it is so hard to change the mind of a mother-in-law about her daughter’s husband (haha whaaat?!!! *_*’), I know it’s even harder to change opinions about your modeling potentialities. But… the good is something like that may take just few good and well oriented tests; the bad is… even if it’s such a cool name for an agency, “Why not?” isn’t exactly enough as an answer to who’s going to ask you “Why?” about that.
So… is she hot? Sure she is; is that all I can see? No, not at all; actually, right a little little little part. Not exactly what I expect from a Russian model, but good for sure. And if I’m certain about her “she may look better and different for sure”, well, if I have to be honest I’m even curious to see something more about her posing potentialities ‘cause, until now, not exactly too much to see and think about, not really!