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June 07, 2010

++? Natasha B. – NATASHAAAA

First: I’m sorry I didn’t post this before, ‘cause I really wanted to, but… you know (and if you don’t, you will!), it sometimes happens to me to not have my notebook and internet connection in the same “where” and “when”, so… I wanted to post this at least a couple of days ago, but – just not possible! ;)

Then… ok, back to this:


Yep, adorable Deimante A.; and Polina on the right, and… who’s on the left? No, really, WHO’S ON THE LEFT?!!!
That’s exactly what I happened to ask myself; better, not for that pic, for this one:


And the question was “Who’s this lovely girl?!!!” (“Who’s on the left?” wasn’t that much appropriate here…). Then passed some time, I almost forgot, but I finally found a lot more. What to say about Natasha? Let’s begin with: the bad.

coacd / tfs

First and biggest of the (few) problems, I’m not really convinced by her face… I mean, her lovely face (that lately became even a little more round and “kind-of-plump”) may sometimes look not exactly well defined, chin especially, and in next side pic the thing is quite clear.

tfs / by Adeline Mai

And if we consider some (very) little face imperfections, well, the “What’s not so much good” chapter is officially over for me.

storm uk / uno es

Maybe she isn’t “the master of posing”, maybe she isn’t hugely expressive, but… you know, there are models with explosive attitude, others with outstanding posing abilities, or an amazing body presence, and some are great even for their great pout – so as you can see, four simple examples of how many different ways there are for a model to do great or even good things.

elite it

About Natasha, lack of really outstanding posing and expressivity is widely balanced by such a breathtaking body (for me, so far not completely emphasized), great skin, and… when she looks in the camera sometimes she’s just… just “wow” (I mean: her soft expressivity and delicate body can be an amazing and incredibly charming mix).

The “catwalk chapter” is maybe in another book, ‘cause… don’t know, lovely is lovely, she’s got good numbers and her body seems should be perfect, but


actually not completely convinced.

tfs (Isabella L.)

And as usual happens, I somehow thought to a similar model (Swedish Isabella L. – you can find her at Elite; and btw comparison is just about catwalk).

tfs (Isabella / Natasha)

Here only Natasha again…


I mean, as usual, let’s not forget what we talk about: if you meet Natasha walking in the street you’re going to have a good (good? well, you could easily fall in love in a couple of seconds maybe…) impression of her for sure, but… on the catwalk you need something different, and for the little I saw (“little” really) that “something different” there isn’t; but I hope to see her again and more to change my mind, ‘cause there are a lot of good chances she really could.