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June 08, 2010

Tamara P.

I knew about her (even if: absolutely informally – and you’ll see, in such an unprofessional way) few months ago; she was in a Vogue Italia editorial


and, if you remember the diagram I draw to describe how much I liked (and like) Julija S., well, that was one of the lowest points; and so I had the chance to notice Tamara and… well, it was just an excuse to do a (honestly: childish!) comparison and show how much mediocre Julija looked.

why not it

Well, now some time passed, if I have to talk well (or even bad) about Julija I don’t need childish comparisons… and I had the curiosity to find something more about Tamara; better, I’ve been kind of obliged to build an honest and fair opinion about her.
And… the girl is cute and good-looking for sure, but about the model… don’t know. Not mad about her features, about her silhouette (even if thin and well defined), and…


About good things, I first have to admit that after all I’ve just seen something like… 15 – 20 pics, so maybe she’s got a lot more to show. And, even if I have to say she’s not my favorite kind of model, for the kind she is she may show some interesting things (omitting runways – and even some kind of shots), even in the future, ‘cause for the kind of things she can do for the best, well, age won’t be a factor for sure.