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June 02, 2010

USIP Jeanne B. – Ordinary extraordinary

The other day I was having a chat about models; particularly, it was about some kind of models. It’s just about tastes, but I’m not a real and huge fan of some “extremely kind-of-weird” models – oh well, generally, with very particular features. And, for the record, as I wrote to another girl who wrote me sending me material about some peculiar models, it’s worth point out a model like Emily W. as a good “meeting point” (matter of chance, you can find her at models.com, where she appeared right few days ago as “model of the week” - but I wrote about her in my mail before! :P).
But – back to the chat. Talking about that, we arrived at the opposite: so, models with kind-of-very-regular-face and/or body. With body I mean “numbers” or, very often, presence; ‘cause it happens that a model, god only knows why, has good numbers, a stunning body, but in shots, well, there isn’t any kind of magic – and the look is… is the one of a very regular body.

From this point of view, I received some stuff about Jeanne, and we compared our opinions about “ordinary” and “extraordinary”.

elle canada / img it

With “ordinary” we may think to “regular”; and the world absolutely needs models with a regular face, I mean, even more than some “extreme girls” that, honestly, are not so much versatile and multipurpose – especially if we consider the thing under a commercial point of view.
But, sometimes, a model with a regular face may be really impressive – and kind of amazingly charming. About this, well, I absolutely think that, and I had to agree.

img it

But about Jeanne, even if I like some things I saw (btw: I adore these last three shots…) I really don’t know what to think; I mean, that she’s kind-of-regular, well, that’s for sure. That she can do a lot of interesting things, well, ok; if you ask me about “something more”, I don’t know… and even her body, she’s got the numbers, but it’s so hard to have a definitive opinion.

style.com / elle canada

So, as a commercial model, well, I even like her more than a bunch of other girls for sure; but for some shots I really have the impression it may take 100 snaps to have what you want – if you want something different from what she may mooore naturally do.

PS about the ordinary / extraordinary, in the mail I received there was a definition I liked: “extraordinary ordinary”; well, I didn’t agree about Jeanne, but I liked the expression to describe a model with an ordinary look and an outstanding model potential. And well, we’ll see in the future this kind of models, but there are.
Continuing on this game, well, what may be a “ordinary extraordinary” model instead? Well, the best example is Monika J. for sure: she’s such an outstanding beauty, and she makes look everything so much easy and natural. You really have the impression she might be the “girl next door”; even if really kind of improbable… I mean, if you don’t live in an marvelous paradise!