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April 04, 2010

+ Rasa Z. @ Numero april 2010

What to say about Rasa? She’s a Lithuanian model, but she’s such an unusual one; I mean, she’s got nothing to do with the “last stream”, and less than less with penultimate one (with “penultimate Lithuanian models” I mean: Auguste A., Julija S. and so on; last stream are… are… well, take a look at what’s going on at Baltic Models / Elite Milan and you have a general idea of what I mean). Btw, she’s been perfect for Prada ‘cause she and Prada choices about catwalks/image are so similar (at least, for me): I can’t say I really really love, however I just go into rapture over and I can’t take my eyes away.


Rasa is just that: you can love her, maybe not, but the point is: she’s such an eye-catcher.


Do I love her presence in front of the camera in such an unconditional way? I mean, the way she poses is absolutely and unquestionably great, but…


Do I love this Numero editorial to death? No: but I can’t move my eyes away. She’s absolutely got something, here’s quite manifest, but don’t try to find out what (or why). The formula is secret and so well kept there is no way to know it, so… just enjoy.