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April 08, 2010

+ Katiusha F. – “Too much too soon”

This is the kind of girl (most would say: a perfect “Russian doll” – I dissociate from this kind of expression…) Japanese magazines (and agencies) would kill for: about her European / American career there would be something more to say.


But let’s face it, as I always say: you don’t have to be Lebron James, you don’t have to do well (great) everything, it’s a plus to be an icon: a great (or even very good; or “good, period”) model is the one that – what she does well, she does great; so Katiusha, despite isn’t a complete model (and for her body proportions / face isn’t neither a good prospect from that point of view right now), is a very (very) good one.


And… ehy, wait a sec: how old was this amazing bride? Guess not enough for most of the countries with a decent and merely acceptable democracy.

So: we could go on with considerations about the “model herself” or consider how much young she is, she’s been and say a couple of words about that.
Or… I think that people around are smart enough to reflect on the “Too much too soon” title and reach a successful conclusion about this 1995 girl – that just for the record didn’t do all these shoots today or yesterday… this “sulky girl” was something like 13…


Conclusion: even if I don’t like this kind of model too much (Russia first of all “give the world” a lot of interesting faces you won’t find elsewhere, and Katiusha from this point of view isn’t the best example), I have to admit this one is really good material, and hope (and believe in) the best for the future of the model, and the girl first obviously; as usual - should be for everyone.

PS the title… don’t know how (a pretty weird choice…), someone just sent me something about the “New York dolls” homonym album, so that’s the reason of the title! and yep, I’m just listening to that, but guess will be the first and one of the last times actually…