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April 20, 2010

AOB - The most stupid thing you can do is take a dog and call him “cat”

Once upon a time…
words used to mean something. Oh guys, good old times… briefly: if I want a cat and I just can’t find one, the most stupid thing I can do is take a dog and call him “cat”.

If in agencies there are sections it means something: well, at least I used to think that. So, in my magical world, MODELS are girls a little bit established, with some works already done or, at least, if we want to have a veeeeery open meaning of the word, a solid book built with huge (ok, don’t ask too much, decent) tests. NEW FACES or DEVELOPMENT are not random words, they mean something, and we talk about age, we talk about the kind of so much different work booker has to do, we talk about creating a book, trying to understand what the girl can do in fashion world, and so on.

Well, in my world (and in good old times I guess) these things had sense and decent credibility. But right the other day a girl communicated me her changing status in her mother agency, and she was kind of happy, and if she is I’m too, and I took a look at her agency site to check the thing (no, I won’t tell the name) and – WHAT’S GOING ON?!!!

I had impression just happened the stupid story of the cat, so: they don’t have so many cats (models) at the moment, and even dogs (new faces) are not of the level they used to have, so, without logic reasons – dogs became cats, and… well, this metaphor is driving me crazy: new faces turned into models, and mediocre fashion material magically became new faces. Bang, like that, just changing words. I just don’t think this is the way things work: if a girl never worked before, doesn’t have a really convincing (or at worst even decent) book and you don’t know what to do with her SHE’S NOT A MODEL.

So: is calling a dog “cat” the solution when you find out there are no cats?!!! mmm… guess not, guys around.