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April 26, 2010

++ Michelle D. H. - Surprise!

Despite my 3 fav SPSMM (and maybe generally Dutch) prospects are Maaike K., Valerie V. D. G. and Amy P. – I decided to post something about… none of them! And I actually don’t know why, ‘cause Maaike especially is the girl I’d bet everything on – if I’d use to bet…

But: Michelle. Right the other day I received these UNMO magazine pics

spsmm blogspot

I thought "WOW", and so I went checking something more. I have to admit it: I saw her early pics too now, and if those old times were now - I’d just put them in a drawer forgetting of this girl quite quickly.

But: she’s now going to be 18, she changed a lot, and despite (rare, but it happens) I can’t find a reason and I actually don’t like her to death – I can’t get my eyes away from her.

spsmm blogspot

The more I watch to these, the more I (try to) tell myself “good, but nothing special”, the more I find this model incredibly attractive. I can’t actually find reasonable answers, but she just looks great.

This amazing strawberry blonde maybe doesn’t have the magical power of turning everything she touches in pure gold, but she’s got something. And that “something” is really charming; and from my point of view, hugely surprising.


She's solid editorial material. I’m sure SPSMM, Next (London) and Uno will manage her the best possible; and, most important, it’s quite normal expecting to see her a little bit more now.