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April 16, 2010

Elizaveta V. - Too “what?!”, too soon

This is going to be quite “quick and painless”; so, what to say about Elizaveta?

You know what happens with people, with girls in the “real life”, and that sometimes happens with models too: sometimes the point is about first impact.
And first impact doesn’t have to be about the person / girl by herself; I mean: it’s even about the situation, the kind of context, a lot of things indeed. So maybe the first impact isn’t that much great, but the fault is of everything but the person you are facing.


Once I say that, even if I won’t post here - first things I saw of this girl were some swimsuit polaroids and her age was something like 12. The point is: what the what?! And we’re now some months later, she did some other tests, shoots for this or that, and the important is not “what” but, I guess, “where”.

switchmodels jp


Most recent work she did has been this, a Numero Tokyo editorial:

image discovery blog

So, introduction: do I find something good in this “model material”? Actually – nope.

But I’m enough honest to admit to myself that my opinion is maybe a little bit… mmmm… “intellectually dishonest”? Absolutely. Even if I knew / I’ll know personally this or that girl I’ll review and I’ll be enough uninvolved to
1)to not say anything about that
2)give an honest and impartial opinion
I don’t know personally Elizaveta but the way I approached to very first shoots (“very first”? c’mon! She’s 1996) of “that” 12 yo / 1.75 m girl is something I honestly don’t think I can bypass like… like that!

Btw, objective opinion: about “conditio sine qua non” for medeling, obviously, nothing to say; endless legs, good posing, but I don’t like her face so much, and even less her expressiveness (not such a wide range of expressions actually). And that’s that.