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April 02, 2010

USIP Claire B.

I have to say I already saw something about this girl; can’t remember how and when, but I remember her eyes very well…


and I’m quite glad to see them again.


So, is there much more to say? Don’t know… that this girl is absolutely “eye-catching”, pure cuteness and whatever-like-this is kind of obvious; about the model… don’t know, I saw something, polaroids and tests, and avoiding any consideration about her potential and what can come out from this cute blonde – is she anything special? is she anything huge that can hit hard a “casting guy”? Guess not. I say that because of the mail I received about her (maybe a little bit too much enthusiastic).
Btw – nothing against this girl, that for the record seems to have everything to become a good and skilled model. But, you know, it’s just like… like basketball: you’re a good player and you’re in NCAA; if you’re really good you arrive in NBA – but being a Lebron James is kind of other material…