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April 22, 2010

Ieva L. – “Cornerstone”

As my grandma uses to say: “To have a couple of eggs in the fridge is a must, you never know, they’re always useful”, and as aaaaaall grandmas are, she’s so right.

If you have to cook something eggs are so useful and general-purpose; if you have an agency – girls like Ieva are a must.


She’s got the numbers, she’s cute, she’s got the face and whatever she needs to have, but… you know, first time you see her first question is (probably) going to be:
“Where have I seen this girl before?!”


There is a song in last Arctic Monkeys’ album, “Cornerstone”, kind of funny (video especially… awesome, check it on Youtube!), and it’s about a guy seeing a girl everywhere – well, ‘cause he somehow misses her. But the point here are “vision-tricks” and “look-alikes” (not about getting close to her sister… ahah), and Ieva is THE look-alike: she’s THE PERFECT CUTE BLONDE. If you search for “CUTE BLONDE” on an encyclopedia you’ll probably find a pic of her.


So: about the girl, is the kind if you meet her in the street you stop watching her completely astonished by her awesome attractive incredible beauty. In that case “Where have I seen her?” answer would be – in a dream for sure.
About the model, you know, nothing particular, but she’s so good ‘cause she’s got everything she needs; and fashion needs models like these, and that’s good, no judgment intended, not really.