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April 04, 2010

USIP ++ Patricia V. D. V. – What a “skyrocket” is…

I’m so happy I received a mail about her. And yep, I share the huge enthusiasm there is around her. What happened with her has been so fast and, very briefly, in few months she’s been able to build a very solid (and even impressive) FW season.


Cold facts: New York 21 shows, Milan 11, Paris 18. Usually I don’t like to cite these kinds of numbers or lists, but in this case a detailed list would speak louder than any other word – but fortunately I’m too much lazy right now to do that.

salvatore ferragamo – giambattista valli / tfs

Btw even if lately Netherlands is “producing” a lot of awesome new faces (with great personalities), Patricia is a quite particular one: for the age (she’s 20), for the kind of girl and model she is (a “catwalk monster”), for the huge impact she had in such a short time. Her presence on the catwalk is really awesome and any photo doesn’t give the real impression of how much amazing she is.

louis vuitton – nina ricci / style

She absolutely deserves her success, and because of her age is quite sure this won’t be a “flash in the pan”.

PS really, you have to see her walking on a runway; I’m the first to admit I didn’t expect such a huge impact from her: but she absolutely has. IMPRESSIVE.