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April 28, 2010

USIP +? Sabrina R.

Where this girl come from?
“Denmark” someone could answer, and by itself it’s not wrong. But no, I meant something else. Modeling talking, she come from “Elite Model Look”.

tfs (for the record: first on the right…)

We could spend few lines trying to say what a great thing that is, what a great job Elite does every year, the fact a bunch of good models are discovered every year because of that, that the event is such a gripping show, etc etc - but we won’t now.

Time to talk about Sabrina.


A little introduction is kind of obligatory: we don’t really have enough to try to understand her real potential. But first thing I actually thought when I saw these polas has been: “Cute is cute; and how much cute she is… but: is just that?”.
I don’t know if that’s kind of normal or not, but when I find a girl such a terrific cutie I’m always scared to death that is something to be worried about. I mean: about objectivity / about her modeling consistency.

So, the point is: some tests / shoots she did are consistent, some, well, just not too much.

elite fr

(here my fav)

Even if nothing to be incredibly enthusiastic about, her body proportions / presence are quite good, and so her posing. But… even on the catwalk, “results may vary”


– well, even for good.


Last thing is about her age. I’m really honest telling you first thing I thought: “wow, the kind of 20 yo girl who looks like a 5 years younger model” (well, in the mail I received there were a couple of pics, her name, and a short opinion – for the record positive; and, always for the record, it’s so hard to receive material about a model sender doesn’t like… ok, never happened!), and… well, telling you considerations I did then would be just useless now, ‘cause I now know she’s a 1994 girl – and “modeling talking” things are completely different.
I don’t know why, but I really thought she was “a 20-something cute trying for a comeback”, ‘cause after all behind her childlike features there’s something kind of sweetly mature. But the fact actually she isn’t even 16 gives her a lot of good chances – and us the opportunity to hope to see more (promising and convincing) things of this unquestionable breathtaking adorable cutie.

Even if, not a bad thing (fashion industry need that too for sure!) but merely a consideration, maybe her perfect dimension is the (really good and quite versatile) lookbook model.