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April 13, 2010

++ Deimante M. – Expect the unexpected

I mentioned something about “last Lithuanian stream”, and briefly there are two great categories (I mean: that is worth to mention and with “from little to great” prospects):
-the “pure cuteness” girls (or: pretty faces of the minute – a lot);
-new faces that are very good and interesting prospects;
and something right between (but barely undetectable).

pmst cz

After a little “I have to admit general level is a little inferior right now” introduction - In the second category girls changed a lot lately; I mean, the kind of girls, and if I think Auguste A. (even 15) is something different of a “penultimate stream” is because Deimante is a good example of what’s going on right now. Good or bad, you won’t find a new Auguste now, a girl with a huge and terrific presence, and you (well: I especially…) have to face it.

Talking about Deimante… is one of those girls, honestly a few, that you can’t consider in an uniform way. I mean, any consideration about the girl won’t be good for “THE MODEL”, and it’s quite frustrating to consider that for someone like me – I mean, ‘cause about a merely practical question, Deimante’s polaroids are absolutely useless to get an idea of this model. Period. And this thing just makes me go crazy.


She just turns into something else, and it’s really amazing; it’s so hard for me to admit it, but I’m so so so impressed (and kind of charmed). If I’d have in front of me only polaroids and a video (I even saw some videos – same material polaroids are: nothing special) I’d just write a couple of lines about her, nothing good. But… even if I don’t know if there’s something really consistent, reliable, and (first of all) versatile, this is more than ordinary for me;

pmst cz

so much more.

pmst cz

I absolutely hope to see more and more and hope for a good and very productive development, but even right now she’s the best example of what the point is: being a model is about confidence, presence, how good (not necessary cute) you look in shoots, in short – being a model is about the fashion material you can be. And if you need to be something like… well, the guy who used to go into phone booths and change his clothes to become Superman, I can’t see what the problem is.