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April 28, 2010

++ Sasha M. @ Elle Russia May 2010

Ok, honesty first of all: is this one of those cases where talking about a particular editorial is a way to express how much I love the model by herself? Absolutely yes! And, always honestly talking, I love this model so so so much: despite I someway have to argue about some “book building” choices – but this isn’t the right place.

So: this month Elle Russia has some really good suggestions (yep, even a Laine R. editorial I’ll talk about ‘cause I’m just exhausted of receiving mails from a friend about that… haha – despite the “haha” I’d really like a break about her!), and Sasha is the best possible.


This is the kind of girl presence is not really stunning, but that’s not a bad thing, better still - she’s just another kind of model. And I really love that, and Sasha is one of the best examples; and in this editorial the thing is pretty clearly manifest.


Is this a really complete model? Honestly: I think not. And maybe her features are (objectively) kind of anonymous, maybe her body is just somewhere halfway between the pure “gracefully delicate slander” and the outstanding catwalk material, but… well, this BUT is huuuge. And (even not completely) manifested in this editorial.

If we want to find a word to describe this, it could be amazing; or marvelous, or astonishing, or… we could just stop searching for the right word, and enjoying it for what it is: