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May 27, 2010

USIP + Kristy K.

What about this 1.80 84/60/87 blonde?


I have to say I noticed Kristy on the catwalk but I honestly didn’t worship her if we talk about… “everything else”; even if, more honestly, I noticed her for this:


Yes; kind of… not exactly amazing the same way she objectively looks on the runway, but there was part of her strong points: her face is very bright, with soft features, high forehead; and amazing hair.

tfs / women it

But it’s on the runway that she shows her best, with a stunning silhouette, thin and really well proportioned; and her walk is solid and graceful at the same time.


And no, I didn’t forget about that: her skin is pure heaven.

Even if I had already decided to write something encouraged by a very enthusiastic mail I received about her (hi Amy! :*), well, lately there was something about her on O2W, a very interesting editorial, that really focuses on her strong points – some shots are absolutely charming.

o2w (by Erica Shires)

Even if (someone could say) she’s not “exactly young for the business” (almost 22), I have no doubts what I wrote about her face and body (soft brightness / delicate thinness) will give her the chance to show big things for a long time still; especially because for characteristics I’m really sure she’s absolutely fated to maintain her strong points in such a convincing way for a long time.