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May 02, 2010

+++ Kirsi P. - If you needed a Vogue Italia cover to change your mind... here it is

I won’t do of this a personal crusade, not for sure, but… ok:
Now, what about “this anonym and useless (and even not so much good looking) Finnish girl”?!!! (well, I did a short version of soooo many comments I read around and personally received – when for the record I however continued to say all the best about her)

No, ‘cause, believe it or not, out there is (still!) full of people thinking this model is nothing special, a face like others, and, why not to say that?, thinking that I expressed a huge enthusiasm about her just for only-God-knows-what personal reasons.

brand fi compcard

Seriously talking, I admit happened what happened for example with Rasa Z. (well, with her actually still happens…): as soon as I’ve seen Kirsi I found her amazing, and even if I couldn’t find a reason I adored her more and more, and despite there were not answers to my questions, I found myself astonished the most was possible. I admit I loved her almost against my own will.

models / brand fi

If we talk about her walk and runway presence, well, there isn’t so much to talk about, she’s got everything to become such a solid and breathtaking presence


and her Prada exclusive appearance

brand fi blog

(I’ve been so happy to see her with Ylonka!) objectively confirms it – btw if we take a look to London and Paris too, levels she’s got potential to reach seem just huge.

But about her pics, well – even better.

brand fi

She showed from the very beginning her qualities, and, most important, the quick and significant development skills that only few have shown lately.

Well, I admit all this is (if you want) kind of questionable, but now we’re in the classic “You can’t deny her significant potential (or: even if you were blind you’d see a light!)” situation

women blog

Ehy, not talking only about the cover, but the whole editorial (note: you have to take a look! You’ll find Ylonka too, and two of the best prospects right now out there: Julia and Caroline. Yes, there is Julija S. too… but I’ll write about her soon…)


Close-up is kind of amazing, and... I’m so happy she had this important chance to show her (almost) unlimited potential. This girl has the chance to become a reliable, consistent and solid factor, and that’s absolutely what she’d deserve.
This Vogue editorial is an important accomplishment but has to be a beginning. She’s got such a particular and amazing personality, she’s got the body (if we want to find a little defect: she should improve her body shape definition a little), she’s got the posing, she’s got the face (and what a face!) – expect great would be almost limited.
Big news coming soon? Yes, big news coming soon for sure… so, “stay tuned!”.