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May 07, 2010

+ Marina D. @ Amy Gee adv

This is going to be really really quick (and kind of unanticipated – but I told myself “Do this immediately or you’ll forget to…”), ‘cause after all this is only a quick answer.

Nicole (hi Nicole! I’m answering you here so don’t expect a mail too… haha, just joking…) saw in the streets of her city this

amy gee adv

and asked herself: who is this girl?

Well, is… ok, the answer is in the title: the Brazilian Marina D.; and funny, me too as soon as I’ve seen this adv I found the shot really… don’t know, not exactly amazing or breathtaking, but… kind of magnetic for sure.
Yep, magnetic, even I actually can’t find incredible reasons for that. But you know, sometimes life surprises you… and fashion too; I guess…