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May 04, 2010

AOB I’m sick and tired of hypocrisy (Do we want to talk about Milan FW?!!!)

I could write about the fact there’s nothing I hate more than what I usually call “the standard Nuremberg Trials justification” (...) that agencies sometimes use about the “too much young too much skinny” question – it sounds something like this:
“If we didn’t do that, someone else would”;

I could write of the whole world that just doesn’t give a damn about the “too much young too much skinny” question and (I love you for that) just doesn’t say anything about;

but no, I’ll write about – the “bla bla bla” people. People that just express an opinion to lose a couple of minutes of their life; yep, they didn’t have anything else better to do, so… why not to express an opinion about this?
It doesn’t matter if they defend this or that point of view, “bla bla bla people” is an homogenous category. But the point is: if your dad, your grandma or the first person you meet in the street expresses an opinion just to say something and waste time is ok; if institutions do that and they want to give you the impression of a serious, real, practical and (the worst) deep-felt initiative… it’s just stupid, dumb, and, why not? kind of ridiculous too.

In the bunch of “bla bla blas” we can easily find, let’s talk about Milan FW – and last has been just perfect.
First, very important: I’m not going to express a personal opinion about the “too much young too much skinny question”, but only about what happened (well, happens) round that.

Let’s talk about this

“Camera nazionale della moda” practically organize FW, and this is the official regulation. In the final part there is an attachment

Yep, guys: about anorexia! You’ll find a long list of bla bla blas about (example) how much they want to “revalue a Mediterranean healthy solar generous beauty” (WHAAAAAT?!!! I swear there is this!!!), but wait – finally a simple and clear point!

It doesn’t take an Italian genius to get that, but here the point: NO UNDER 16 MODELS in Milan FW! Wait a second… WHAT THE WHAAAATY WHAT?!!! I guess they just skipped some girls for the “Can I see your identity card?” question…
This is the kind of hypocrisy that really makes me angry, because:
either you do things seriously and coherently
or, simple as hell, JUST SHUT THE F**K UP!

And this is even more funny.


Well, quick translation of the news, the city of Milan sent some guys (literally: "sentries"... haha, what?!) at shows’ backstages and they had to check if girls were too much skinny (well, what “too much skinny” is? Who knows…); and, if they were… pffff, I’m laughing… they had to stop these girls and not allow them to go on the catwalk (yeeeep, sure…).
First: are we talking about the same “adamant and immovable Italians” that changed their calendar just because of “an Anna Wint-something”?!!!
Second: ok guys, if you needed some passes for fashion shows you just had to ask! :)
This is another example of how much hypocrisy is stupid and irritating, and I repeat: if you have to say or do a thing just to waste time and show how much you care about a thing you actually don’t give a damn and you don’t want to have a serious initiative for: JUST SHUT THE F**K UP AND DON’T DO A DAMN THING. ‘cause if you do meaningless bullshits it’s even worse.