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May 07, 2010

+ Karina G. – A good example of what a good model is

Time for a quick question: who are the two girls in this pic?


There are (very) few chances you have the right answer, but if you have: BRAVO! After this little French digression, if you don’t have, from left to right: Olga A. and Karina G., and you have no idea of how much I’m happy they’re both in the same pic.

Because we have two good examples of what (with veeery different peculiarities) a good model is – especially for Japanese market:
Olga is the Russian awesome beauty with breathtaking presence;
about Karina

iqmodels ru

some early tests give the impression of her early role in the business. Btw, her editorial versatility (and generally her development) showed she’s that and even much more.

iqmodels ru

She actually did a lot of good things, and – what can I say? She isn’t for sure a model you would kill for (me neither), but… take a look to some of her runway appearances, and the conclusion is served on a silver platter.


If you want a girl you can count on for solid results with a wide range of good characteristics and very reliable (especially for a Japan agency), here she is; nothing more, but… ehy, it actually isn’t that much little – not at all!