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May 07, 2010

++? Julija S. – I solve Rubik’s cube in a little more than 1’ but I can’t solve this…

First: I really solve Rubik’s cube in a little more than 1’! :)
But don’t get scared, I’m not a genius, once you get how it works - a little dedication in your free time and it’s going to be a pushover.

Now, Julija: trying to draw a diagram on how much I liked (and like) this model, well, it should look something like this:

Haha, yes, very professional (btw last discontinuities are kind of closer and more schizophrenic!)… and yes, this ends with a huuuge question mark. But here the point.


First things I saw of this girl have really been very good and promising, and it’s not been the impact of an only (even if very) cute girl, no – I really got astonished by this Lithuanian model potentialities.


But here the questions are two: her “changing over the time”, and her not-so-much-constant performances (I mean: make-up choices and styling appear to be a huge factor for her runway successful and convincing result).



About the “changing over the time” matter, I honestly have to admit there are nationalities I focus more on: I mean, that happens more often with some kind of Dutch girls for example, or German, or even with Brazilian / Argentinian girls, and so on (I repeat: just general and indicative examples). But, honest, I never thought about this for a Lithuanian girl.


So after a little shock (or something like that…) facing her “not-so-much-constant performances” and about her changes I by the way had to revalue her a lot, ‘cause after all her runway presence convinced me (but that's quite objectively obvious); not “to rapture”, but… you know, I “came to terms” with that.

But… now, I have to face it: I have no idea of what to think about her!


Especially because… well, I can’t really enjoy her last two Vogue Italia appearances, and I guess that could be a huge clue for my subconscious; especially because of May editorial, that I really loved – except for Julija shot (btw: not her fault, not at all, just wrong place for this).

models.com / tfs

But don’t get me wrong, I absolutely have to underline that she’s a rising star and her career is already solid (especially on the runway) and fated to become even more significant. And, more specifically, last very convincing BMM new face so far. But, on “merely personal opinion” bases, her face features changed a lot (eyes shape / cheeks / etc etc), her body presence is… ok, from my point of view, in a little bit more than one year she’s just become another girl! And I really didn’t expect (accept?). And, after all, I’m still kind of… pure and simple: I still don’t know what to think about her!
But maybe it’s just about expectations: I guess is something like… you order a new Lamborghini and you find a Ferrari in your garage! You're happy, but dumbfounded; yes, but happy, happy for sure. Just different from my expectations, but her modeling relevance is absolutely what I expected for her to reach… and yes, after all, maybe I kind of like “this Ferrari”…