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May 19, 2010

? Polina S.

What to say about Polina? Sometimes models have strong points, sometimes they have weak spots, sometimes they’re both part of the same question.

modelwerk de

Her versatility: from some points of view is a question of “what she seems she can do well, and what a-little-bit-less (catwalk, for example); from others, even her shots diversity wide range has not been showed so much ‘til now, and that makes of her such a huge puzzle. Briefly, right now, I have no idea of what to think about this girl.


Even if… well, if I have to express an opinion, for what she does, she does really well: and so that (my opinion) has to be absolutely positive.

modelwerk de / why not models it

If we take a look to her numbers, they’re quite good and standard “in the business” – 1.77 84/69/87. But I have to admit that her body presence is kind of particular (pretty clear in last Waiter’s tests), and despite her bone structure and body-shape-definition is not the kind I love the most – well, for her kind, she’s really interesting.

modelwerk de

And even if for her face features same considerations are quite good (“kind of regular” and nothing really peculiar), well, her “clean face” is as ordinary (someone wrote me “nondescript”) as charming and mysteriously attractive.

modelwerk de

In short: I really really like her, and consider some objective limits (especially about her wide-range-versatility) is not bad but merely honest. Apart from that, about what she does absolutely well, what to say?

modelwerk de

Delightful. It’s been so hard for me to post only these few pics (I first chose something like… 22 pics…), and I guess that means something. I hope to see more for sure; to definitely show how much good she is? to have a clearer idea about her? Yes, sure: and just ‘cause I’d really like to.