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May 17, 2010

AOB Maaike, Amy and Auguste - and tests

How do I use to say, “quick and painless”?; no, this is going to be quick and somehow quite painful. Btw just a PS for this.


PS Oh, well, wait a second: “agency’s choices about tests direction have been so well-chosen” was absolutely about SPS, and “a little bit less” about some Women recent tests – for the record, Maaike, Amy P. and Auguste A. recent tests (just an example – btw by Demarquet; not his fault, not at all, I like his works) in Paris are, no offence intended, pure lack of personality highlighting; and something I’d have done without so easily.


Especially for three charming and (most important) peculiar girls like these. And if we talk about the “Dutch duo”, beauty (and attitude) peculiarity / amazing posing / outstanding personality are strong points, more than “pretty cuteness” for sure.
-oh well, and even if not here, "the whole story" is good for Rachelle P. too… with Maaike, they’re the Dutch answer to Starsky & Hutch… or Thelma & Louise… or Chip & Dale… or… just anything with an “&” in between! :)