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May 14, 2010

USIP ++? Bo D.

Ok, I have to say that: before receiving mails about her, I had no idea of who this Bo-girl was! well, at Wilma Wakker I noticed (“early”) Gwen L.; and my fav of the agency, Esmé W. – I saw her in some really lovely Anouk Morgan shots I’m still in love with to death… and despite not-so-well-known, she’s very good (go take a look, she’s with Next too).

But: Bo. Honest, about the girl, nothing to say, she’s pure elegant and charming cuteness.

wilma wakker nl

About the model… well, is her eye shape particular? are her cheekbones somehow special? are her face features unforgettable? are her silhouette and body presence something undeniably peculiar?
Well, the answer to all these questions is: nope.


And I have to admit “the big nope” could seem something negative, but…
You know, sometimes happens to change your opinion about a friend; I mean, a girl that is just a friend become something else for you, an attractive girl, someone you’d like to date, and so on. It can happen in so many ways, you don’t have to see her in a particular occasion… or find out she’s beautiful… yes, it can happen even while you look at her picking her nose… haha :)
No, I said the “picking her nose” thing because that’s a metaphor about Bo – and my thinking “Oh my gosh, she could be a very good model”. Well, it happened with this pic:

marilyn fr

Ok, nothing really special and not my fav (yes, there is a reason why I talked about “nose activities”…), but something switched in me. And the more I see, the more I have to share my own mind-switching.


marilyn fr

This girl has something special, but if you ask me, well – I honestly still don’t know what! Something in my mind btw try to tell me she could be “Edita E. material” (a BM Lithuanian model; yes, cute, but which I can’t actually be really convinced about…)

baltic model lt / wilma wakker nl

(For the record: Bo in the middle…)

but… no, I really want to believe in Bo huge promising potential. So, even if right now somehow questionable, this girl deserves attentions - and to show more and more what she can do: absolutely great!