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May 24, 2010

USIP Inni K.

First of all even if this is a USIP I already noticed her, but… well, kind of not really convinced about writing about her; because maybe I’m not really convinced about the model, and just because I wanted to wait a little bit more. But I received a couple of mails about her, and so… here we are.


You know, if you are a scout this is the kind of girl YOU HAVE TO STOP if you meet her in the middle of a street; about that (the famous “go/no go”), well, we all agree.


About the “something else” you may search in a model, well, I have to say I’d do same kind of considerations I did for an Elizaveta V. (well, even more generally…); what to say about this 1.76 83/59/89 girl from that point of view?

models.com / empire models jp

empire models jp

Don’t know, really don’t know. I wasn’t crazy about her when I saw her first digitals (they were shot something like… mmm… 1 year ago – and yes: 1st half 2009 – sept 1995 = 13), and I actually am even less right now. But she’s going to be 15, so… a loooong time to come for her career.

PS btw she reminds me Valeria S. (you can find her at Women it, Storm uk, etc), it’s not just about skin tone, some shared characteristics… it’s… from the very first moment I saw Inni I thought of Valeria – she absolutely became a breathtaking (well, not in my opinion, not exactly my kind, but this is the general behavior of male gender…) girl, but about her modeling potentialities, well… ok, form your own opinion. But the point is: I just think Inni has same modeling potentialities and perspectives (sure: right now).